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Becky5W Thu 05-Jun-14 18:56:43

Not sure if I've put this in the right bit so sorry I it's wrong! My daughter is 1 year old, when she was 6 months I asked the health visitors if I should swap her milk - aptimal (from birth) to the follow on milk. She said it's not needed as it's just for the company to make more money. So my daughter has, since birth, been on the 1st stage one. We have given her cows milk once since her birthday - 2 weeks ago - but she was poorly and even though it's prob just a coinsidence, I'm just a bit worried about trying again! I'm just wondering really if we should swap onto the follow on milk as I'm now wondering if it was more nutrients in than the 1st stage or why would they sell it?! Sorry it's so long. Thanks for any help!

MagpieMama Thu 05-Jun-14 19:11:26

They sell it as they're not allowed to advertise infant formula.
In countries where advertising is allowed, it doesn't exist. It was created purely to get round advertising laws.
Maybe try mixing the regular milk into the formula then slowing increasing the amount of regular milk each time.

purplemurple1 Thu 05-Jun-14 19:13:53

We've started giving regular milk on cereal once ds is use to that we will start mixing on bottle half cow half formula. Working up to just cows milk.

Could you try similar?

tiktok Thu 05-Jun-14 19:17:29

There is more iron in follow on. More than babies can cope with sometimes. That's why some get constipated on follow on.
First milk is fine. Follow on should be fine by now, though.

Becky5W Fri 06-Jun-14 11:34:37

Thanks for your help x

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