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Biting baby - I'm getting really fed up

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snorkyorky Wed 04-Jun-14 21:56:02

DS is 9 months and teething. About a month ago he started nipping me when I fed him. After a couple of weeks it settled down but for about a week he's been biting me again.

I know his teeth are hurting and that's really rubbish for him but for me it's pretty crap too.

I really do not want to stop bfeeding but I'm starting to feel like the trust has gone and not sure what else I can do. When he does bite I take him off and put him down and he'll either burst into tears or crawl off oblivious

RubyrooUK Wed 04-Jun-14 22:46:30

Hopefully someone can give you better advice than me Snorky but I found this was just a short phase with DS2. (He is now nearly 15mo.)

He did it when he was teething or experimenting with his lovely new weapons. I was just consistent and always said no, offered him another go and if he did it again, removed him from the breast.

If he wasn't bothered and went off, fine. But on occasions he was really invested in a feed, he would wail in a heartbroken way and then usually latch on well.

But like I said, it was really a short time. I can't remember the last time he tried to bite and I'm still feeding him. So it's obviously been over a while.

redcaryellowcar Thu 05-Jun-14 03:22:58

it is awful i remember it well, i used to cry partly because it hurt but also because i couldn't believe my lovely baby would do this to me; i realised (as you already know) that it seemed to be linked to teething. i used to make sure he was as pain free as possible, so he had teething gel (i found he would apply it quite well himself if i spread it on a toothbrush for him to 'chew').
then he would have teetha powder, which seems to be miracle powder, as he often chilled out with that and if still bad he had calpol, i would try to feed him half an hour after the calpol, as presumed this was most painfree he would get?
as for immediately as they bite, i had heard you gently push them towards your breast, as their noses get covered and they release?

CustardFromATin Thu 05-Jun-14 03:57:16

Just to reiterate the people above - or ours it has been a short but painful phase (though it felt like it might go on forever at the time!)

NorahBone Thu 05-Jun-14 16:47:29

I hope it is a short term thing... Baby Bone has gone from no teeth to 4 in a month and in that time he's given me two painful bites. Does he bite at a particular time? BB tends to get bitey when he's not hungry, so if he comes off by himself I don't put him back on.
Which teeth have come through? I'm hoping that once the front 4 are totally out the worst will be over in terms of biting hmm

mistlethrush Thu 05-Jun-14 17:11:58

DS bit me too. He soon stopped when he found that it cause me to scream and have his source of food removed for a while (5 mins or so!).

snorkyorky Sat 07-Jun-14 20:26:09

Thanks all! He's teething really quickly atm (got 2 in 24 hours last week, poor little boy). Sounds like I'm doing everything I can and all being well it should just be a phase. He hasn't bitten since Thursday morning now so the trust is back.

As an almost entirely separate question, if you believe in intelligent design rather than evolution does that mean you believe someone purposefully made teething such a wretched process???

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