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Stopping extended breastfeeding - tips?

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cerealqueen Wed 04-Jun-14 14:53:24

DD2 is 28 months. She feeds in the morning, and or mid morning/after lunch.

I'd like to wean her off the breast, any tips or ideas? She totally loves it and would feed more often given the chance but I'm done with it, I can't sit down without her crawling up to me, pointing at my breast and saying 'I want that'.

Any tips please? i favour the kinder approaches, unless I get desperate!

BeingAMummyIsFabulous Wed 04-Jun-14 14:59:52

Is your dd interested in 'big girl drinks' from a cup etc now that she is getting a 'big girl'? Perhaps this could be used as a distraction technique? A friend of mine had a similar prob with her LO...he understood 'broken', so my friend put a plaster over each nipple and kept saying 'it's broken' when he went to feed. I'm unsure how long this took, but I do remember him losing interest. A bit random, I know, but thought it may help. Good luck!!! smile

Writerwannabe83 Wed 04-Jun-14 16:32:52

I saw a post from one mom who said that she had pre-warned her child that 'mommy's milk was about to run out' as it isn't something that lasts forever. She told her daughter there was only enough milk to last until the weekend (or a set amount of days, I can't remember) and then it would all be gone.

Apparently her daughter completely accepted that and when the set time arrived, the mom explained the milk was all gone now as they'd discussed and the feeding just stopped. She said her daughter made reference to feeding a few times but her mom just reminded her that the milk was all gone now and eventually her daughter just stopped asking.

NiceOneCenturion Wed 04-Jun-14 16:55:16

I found stopping gradually worked, so started by telling ds I would only feed him upstairs, so it broke the habit of feeding on the sofa whenever I happened to sit down.

It seems like a palaver, but after a few times of doing this, when I reminded him it had to be upstairs, he sometimes would decide not to bother. I made feeding upstairs pretty dull, no stories except for at bedtime, and away from the tv. This resulted naturally in him asking for feeds less, but I never actually had to say no to him, so he wasn't upset by it.

Then once that was established, I would only feed him in his bed, never mine.

Then we were down to nap time and bedtime. We either dropped nap altogether or moved nap to car/buggy.

For bedtime I introduced a milk beaker that I let him choose (with robots on) and said it was special milk for bedtime, then I stopped feeding him in his bed and would instead offer him a breastfeed while sitting on the floor of his room (so he couldn't get too comfortable!), then he had to get into bed for stories and special (warm, cow's) milk.

Within a week of this routine he fed for shorter and shorter periods, then would forget to ask sometimes, then went longer without asking, then stopped asking.

It was still hard and sad but made easier by the fact I never actually had to say no, I just sort of encouraged him to give it up by himself, and he wasn't at all distressed by it in the end, despite it being so important to him and I feel really proud of how we managed it. He was 2 and a half.

You would obviously have to adapt for your own situation, but hope something there helps. Good luck!

NiceOneCenturion Wed 04-Jun-14 16:58:22

Forgot to say, I found the morning feed easiest to drop, as instead of him getting into bed with me, DH would take him downstairs for breakfast and to play with him, distracted him for a week then he started going straight downstairs and stopped the feed.

starlight1234 Wed 04-Jun-14 17:00:41

My ds was 2 when I stopped. He was bedtime and through the night though I found daytime much easier to get him off. I reduced to the one at bedtime.

Can you wear clothes like a dress no easy access if you know what I mean.

cerealqueen Wed 04-Jun-14 22:51:31

Thanks everybody, plenty of ideas here for me to formulate a plan.

I like the idea of saying only upstairs, that might work I'll have to distract her with something else too, as she'll get very upset.sad

The plasters grin Well, maybe if the gradual weaning etc doesn't work I can try that!

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