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Bravado original nursing bra

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MrsGiraffe12 Wed 04-Jun-14 12:33:46

Anyone have one of these? What do you think?

I'm 26 weeks pregnant and none of my bras fit me now. I like the look of the bravado bras as they don't have hook and eyes at the back or obviously any wiring which I'm finding are constricting my ribs and breathing.

Are they worth buying to do as a pregnancy bra and then be able to use it for nursing afterwards also x

josephine1986 Wed 04-Jun-14 14:22:31

They are awesome and well worth the price

MrsGiraffe12 Wed 04-Jun-14 20:28:05

Fab thanks for the reply. I may order one and see how I get on. At the moment it's just for a maternity bra but obviously as it doubles up as a nursing bra for afterwards that's even better :-)

Hopefully Thu 05-Jun-14 08:16:31

They are brilliant, I have used them I. The early post natal period with. 3 DC for that bit when your boobs are changing size on a daily basis, and they are brilliant.

soupmaker Thu 05-Jun-14 10:41:46

I bought a Bravado bra when pregnant and am still in them as still BF my 10 month old. They are brilliant for both day and night.

beela Thu 05-Jun-14 12:30:50

Mine arrived yesterday. It is possibly the ugliest bra in have ever seen, but oh so comfortable.

I am a 32h, give or take, and it is the only thing that I have found both comfortable and supportive enough to wear at night time for nursing.

whereisshe Thu 05-Jun-14 12:34:12

It depends on your sizing. I have a smallish back (31") but when pregnant my boobs shot up to a G cup. So the bravado bra that fit my back properly was too small for my boobs. I got along better with sized panache ones (also less droopy). Love the bravado one at night though, I'm still wearing it while bf'ing.

JustPretending Thu 05-Jun-14 21:02:16

Really comfy - no seams across the cups.

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