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Advice if you've had baby's TT divided

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highlove Mon 02-Jun-14 18:34:36

So my DD had her posterior tie snipped last week at almost three months. There's a noticeable improvement and I'm finally pain free. She sucks well at the start of each feed but after a while - generally between five and ten minutes - she'll revert to her old, totally inefficient, 'chomping' style.

Any tips on how to encourage her to keep up the suck/swallow?


highlove Mon 02-Jun-14 23:36:51

Shameless bump...anyone?

minipie Tue 03-Jun-14 00:18:05

I'd say give it time - may improve further in a few more days.

is it possible she's switching to the chomping because she's really had enough?

or because she is tired perhaps ( eg is this worse/better before or after a sleep)

Misty9 Tue 03-Jun-14 05:56:41

It does sound a bit like comfort sucking. Our daughter's tie was cut last week and I'm yet to see much improvement in her feeding, so to already be pain free sounds great smile
Is there a breastfeeding support group you could get to for help?

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