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Lopsided boobs and stopping breastfeeding. Someone please advise!

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capet Sun 01-Jun-14 19:38:50

I decided to stop breastfeeding my 8 month old last week- going back to work soon etc.
So initially planned on gradually reducing feeds etc
However he suddenly became disinterested and now goes crazy for a bottle.
I haven't fed him now in three days or so but my right breast is massive and sore in comparison with my left one!
It isn't red and otherwise I feel fine so no infection etc.
Incredibly tender though.
So I was wondering firstly if this is normal?
If I should pump once a day or something to relieve pain and them gradually stop?
Will I end up with one boob massively larger than the other one??
Has anyone else had this problem?

sjdmpc123 Mon 02-Jun-14 12:28:28

Hi Capet ,this is normal especially if your baby used one breast more. Things should start to go back to normal after a few days. This happened to me so what I did was to use a breast pump to relieve some pressure.This won't stimulate milk production to the extent a baby would . Also I applied chilled cabbage leaves or ice packs . Not sure why the cabbage but was told it would work and it did !So hope this helps as I know it is must be very uncomfortable for you .

capet Mon 02-Jun-14 20:53:43

Thanks for the reply, was a bit worried that I was the only person this had happened to ever!
Had been googling and saw that people generally had one bigger than the other when they were feeding but couldn't find anything about it happening after stopping feeding.

I pumped yesterday, not much came anyway but it did relieve some of the pressure so still a bit painful but not nearly as sore as it was.
I pumped both sides too as was worried if just did the bigger one it might enlarge even more??
So today they are still a bit uneven but def not as obviously lopsided as they were.
Looking forward to when I can wear a normal bra and not have sore boobs now though!

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