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Tongue tie release

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Misty9 Wed 28-May-14 21:06:56

Dd is nearly 6 weeks old and had her tt released this afternoon. She was extremely distressed by the procedure and produced a cry I've not heard before. She did eventually feed for a bit then slept. However this evening she has been inconsolable, screaming that new pained cry for over an hour sad

Has anyone else's baby been in a lot of discomfort after the procedure? She is rooting madly but latches and sucks once before coming off sobbing. I'm guessing it hurts to feed? We're awaiting a gp callback to find out whether we can give her calpol - but I thought this procedure was supposed to be relatively painless? My first had the snip at 4wks but I don't remember him being this upset sad

minipie Wed 28-May-14 21:21:28

Sorry to hear this. My DD was not in pain after the snip (at 16 weeks), I don't know about others though. are you able to contact the person or hospital which did the procedure?

SociallyAcceptableCookie Wed 28-May-14 21:48:58

Ds was the same on the night of his TT release. We have calpol but he was 12 weeks. Good luck. I hope she feels better soon.

FrankelandFilly Wed 28-May-14 22:01:51

When we had DDs TT snipped (at 6 weeks) she was very fractious for about 24 hours and wouldn't breast feed, we had to give her bottles of expressed milk. From what we were told it is not so much that the snip hurts (there are very few nerve endings there) but more that they are confused by the new additional movement in their tongue - they have to relearn to use it in order to feed properly and this frustrates them.

feeona123 Thu 29-May-14 06:07:48

My little one didn't sleep well the night of the snip and cried loads.

It got to around 2pm the next day and I was just about to call NHS direct to ask about calpol. She finally fell asleep and was a lot better after that.

She was definitely in pain after it. Not sure how they can gage a baby's pain levels!!

Misty9 Thu 29-May-14 06:49:23

Thanks all. It's reassuring to hear that other babies found it painful too (but horrible for them obviously) as everything you read and hear talks about it being painless.

Frank I wondered about her just being a bit freaked out by the new movement. We felt awful for putting her through it, but hopefully it'll make things better for her.

She screamed for a while longer then I finally convinced her to feed and she fell asleep. Fractious night but she's feeding again now and hopefully will be less sore today. I'm thinking of going to breastfeeding support to get advice about relearning the latch, but I don't want to overly disturb or distress her this soon so I'm not sure.

mangofizz Thu 29-May-14 09:01:54

My baby was fine too but had a mammoth sleep immediately afterwards which is most unlike him!
He seemed to enjoy the sensation of being able to move his tongue. One thing I notice though was we had a bit of coughing for a couple of days afterwards like it was falling back in his mouth but he soon got used to it.

I'd go to the breastfeeding group, old habits die hard with latching, best to get it going ASAP, it took ages for us to get sorted, I thought we could relearn it on our own but we needed help !

Misty9 Sat 31-May-14 18:50:35

Thought I'd update this as this evening her mouth started bleeding again sad she was feeding when she let out a blood curdling scream and came off with blood in her mouth.

The hospital had told me to apply very firm pressure in this scenario - but also that it rarely happens. We didn't want to further distress her and it stopped when I got her to feed again. Poor thing, she'll be scared of using her tongue at this rate. I'm already apprehensive about feeding her!

I also noticed her tongue still pulls into a heart shape. Did anyone else's baby still have this or was it gone immediately?

FrankelandFilly Sat 31-May-14 19:17:58

DD's TT snip bled again about 4 days after it was done. She's always sticking her fingers in her mouth so I think she must gave poked it. I was told that it can be a good thing as it will stop the TT reattaching.

It took a good 10 days before we noticed a difference in her tongue. They have to learn to use them all over again and it can take a bit of time.

Misty9 Sat 31-May-14 21:16:32

Thanks Frank that's useful information smile

DinoSnores Sun 01-Jun-14 17:22:25

Hope things are better today. DS didn't have any problems at all after his tongue tie snip but it did take him a few days-weeks to learn how to feed properly.

Is there a BFing clinic to go to tomorrow near you to go over things with someone?

Misty9 Mon 02-Jun-14 19:29:40

Thanks dino smile no more blood since thankfully. She does still have a crappy latch, but I don't know how much of that is to help cope with my overactive letdown.
There's a group on Thursday mornings but I've never found it that helpful... Might have to give it another go.

mrsmugoo Tue 03-Jun-14 05:38:58

DS had his TT snipped in hospital on day 2.

As far as I remember it didn't make any difference to his feeding.

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