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fussy feeder

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Sdva Sun 25-May-14 21:38:41

My 3 month old is on exclusive expressed breastmilk given in a bottle. He has always been a fussy feeder. Recently he was diagnosed with silent reflux and is on Losec 10mg once a day. His feeding has always been an issue from Day 1. His weight is just about increasing. He feeds every 4 hours during the day and wakes up once at night. Here is my problem: He will wake up hungry and when the bottle is given, he will at best take 2 ounces in the 1st instance and then disconnect. We will then wind him and even after he burps he will not take the bottle again for up to 45 minutes - 1 hour. And even when he does take the bottle, he doesn't feed willingly and will at the most take an ounce with a lot of cajoling. Each feed drags on for 60 minutes-90 minutes and is accompanied by a lot of crying and me having to bounce him to soothe him. After 3 months I am exhausted and at my wits end. Could anyone please help? - A very stressed out 1st time mum

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