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BF friendly dress for wedding

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ColdCottage Sun 25-May-14 17:47:37

I have a wedding in June when my first baby will be about 7 weeks old so am new to BF.
I need ideas for BF friendly outfit. The wedding is being held at a stately home so looking for something quite glam, feminine etc but that I can feed in and will also not make me feel frumpy with my post birth weight.
I am 32, around a size 16 at the moment with a 36F chest.
Many thanks in advance for any tips/ideas.

FruitBasedDrinkForALady Sun 25-May-14 18:05:51

I'd go for a wrap dress. I went to a wedding when DS was 10 weeks and bf and found a Pepperberry mock-wrap manageable and it went over my boobs. Will you have a room there? this one might not be dressy enough

this is a little more dressed up

a red one

ColdCottage Sun 25-May-14 20:25:01

Thank you. I will go and try this.

SizzlesSit Sun 25-May-14 20:29:10

If you search mumsnet there are loads of threads with rhis question and lots of ideas for sites

I liked the milkbug website suggestion but as I said, there are lots of links suggested

ColdCottage Sun 25-May-14 22:30:26

Thank you Sizzles. I will take a look.

TheDudess Sun 25-May-14 22:33:49

fruit that Blue dress is lovely! I've got a wedding coming up too and hadn't even thought about a bf friendly dress yet. I might get that Blue one.

Glad you started this thread OP!

Quodlibet Sun 25-May-14 23:20:29

My tip - having learned the hard way - is when you try on a dress to see if it is BF-able, make sure you also try it sitting down. It's no use having access to your boobs fine when standing up if the fabric is too taut to feed sitting down.

puddleduck16 Mon 26-May-14 00:41:59

I got that dress for my baby's christening the other week. Is fancier than it looks on the site. Dresses it up with nice sparkly jewellery and was easy to feed with. I teamed it up with little black vest top under than I has relative trim and hem to make it a crop top. Then that came up when the wrap section came down. Just provided a bit of dignity instead of whapping boobs out at a do!!

puddleduck16 Mon 26-May-14 00:43:29

Ps also a size 16 with 34gg boobs. I managed with the curvy/really curvy size

ColdCottage Mon 26-May-14 06:08:12

Thank you ladies, lots of good tips, especially the sitting down one, I'd never think to do that.

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