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Slow weight gain

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lockett82 Fri 23-May-14 13:43:26

Ive just been to weigh clinic and 6 month old baby has only gained 2oz.
She is mainly BF (only having a bottle every now and again)and in the last week has started feeding through the night. She had however increased the length of her feed from 20-30 minutes to over 45. She feeds about 5-6 times a day.
At birth she weighed 7lb 3oz and is now 11lb 9oz. We had a bit of a hard timr initially due to a tongue tie but didnt lose too much weight.
The HV has suggested going to doctors again to get her checked (went about 2 months ago and nothing wrong) and to also get bloods done. Does anyone know what this would pick up?
The HV has also suggested topping up 3 feeds with 120ml formula but i think she would end up being sick? She knows when she's had enough.
She's also said to hold off weaning for another 2-3 weeks until i get her weighed again but not sure what this will achieve?

tiktok Fri 23-May-14 15:29:10

lockett, over what period of time has your baby gained 2 oz?

lockett82 Fri 23-May-14 16:01:39

It has been 3 weeks

tiktok Fri 23-May-14 17:36:07

Ta. It does sound like your baby is gaining weight very slowly, and she has fallen down the chart...sounds like your HV is on the case, and that your GP found all was well. So your baby may be naturally like this.

Having said that, with only 5-6 bf a day, it would be easy to increase the number of times she comes to the breast. Maybe discuss this with your HV as an alternative, if you don't want to give formula?

The reason she is suggesting waiting to wean is prob because she is concerned that solids might actually replace milk, and that her net intake of calories would be less.

Maybe the best thing to do is to ask her what the reasoning was.

lockett82 Fri 23-May-14 19:40:43

I dont know whether she would take anymore food at the moment as she has only just increased the length of time she feeds for and never had a big appetite. The health visitor suggested a bottlefeed a day or topping up feeds to see if this helps, which i am happy to do as she takes the bottle well. I'm just not sure that i am producing enough.
I was planning on doing blw, would this make any difference with starting it now?

Misty9 Fri 23-May-14 19:46:56

Are you sure that the tongue tie hasn't reformed? I ask because with ds he had his snipped at 4wks, but then went on to lose weight from 4-7 months and drop from 91st to 2nd centile. In hindsight I think his tie reformed and he wasn't getting the richer hind milk. We also had a nightmare weaning him onto solids, again due to a slight tie i think. he was checked over at the time by paediatrics and declared a small baby. But is now climbing back up the centile chart at 2.8yo.

lockett82 Fri 23-May-14 20:21:15

Thanks for that Misty9, i dont think it has but i will check. She had it snipped at a week old, it was so bad they had to cut it 4 times and know they didnt want to cut anymore.. I have a doctors appointment next week so will get her checked then. Just a bit worried as she has been feeding so well just not gaining a lot. She seems content when she has fed and sleeps well. She is so bright and full of energy. Hope we can get it sorted.

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