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Yet another update

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mangofizz Thu 22-May-14 21:57:51

Some of you will have seen my other threads about my breastfeeding journey, just wanted to update for those who are interested

After my week of alternate feeds where he gained a pound I went onto all feeds a breastfeed offering top ups when needed, so have been doing that for the last two weeks. I've continued pumping albeit not as often and had 5days of domperidone from the doctor. After another visit from the infant feeding coordinator we took him to the docs who said he had silent reflux and we now give him ranitidine (didnt go down the gaviscon route due to risk of constipation and previous lack of poos situ)

When he was weighed this week (2 weeks after last time) he'd gained nearly another pound! Not a massive gain admittedly, but very respectable and he's tracking the 50th centile nicely after his initial drop.

His latch is better now he is bigger, theres plenty of milk now, can hear him doing big swallows and he is obviously having a 'good feed' which its now clear he wasnt really doing before.

I feel so happy now we appear to have cracked it, I only top up with formula probably every other day and only about 100mls. Compared to where we were before im ok with this and ultimately I think we will be able to drop those top ups. I've had so much support along the way, I cant fault it in my area, we had a cake at the breastfeeding group on weds to celebrate and it was a great moment for me. The infant feeding coordinator has also asked if I would consider becoming a bosom buddy further down the line, which I would love to do. Thank you to all those on here who have offered help and advice, it was all very much appreciated and helped get me through some dark times.

Time to crack on with enjoying my baby smile

tiktok Thu 22-May-14 22:26:09


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