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Taking time to feed from bottle - is this normal?

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LastChance Wed 24-Mar-04 12:44:02

My ds (3.5 months) always takes about 4oz then has to "rest" for half an hour before possibly taking a couple more ounces. IS this normal?

He also fights like mad second time around (even though he's showing signs of hunger) but will eventually go nuts if he doesn't get the second helping.

Any advice from other bottlefeeders about what I should do if this isn't normal practise?


bunnyrabbit Mon 29-Mar-04 22:41:59

What teats and bottles are you using? My DS used to start getting really fussy on the bottle about the time he needed to go up a teat.

Did it again recently so moved him up to 6 month teats and this really helped.....


OldieMum Mon 29-Mar-04 23:06:30

Is he teething? Someone else may be able to tell you whether he's too young for this to be a possibility, but my dd behaved exactly like this when she first began teething at about 9 months. Sucking becomes very painful and she couldn't suck much at any one time.

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