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Milk free formula

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Twopoint4children Wed 21-May-14 06:17:53


My DS has a milk intolerance. Milk makes him constipated but he can tolerate it pretty much ok through my milk (he is breastfed). He is 9 months old and I do feel I have had enough of feeding now. He is a terrible sleeper, and needs to be fed back to sleep. He is not overly interested in food so milk feeds are not dropping.

My only option at the moment is to give the milk free formula which I have been told tastes dreadful. He refused a bottle on the couple of occasions I tried too.

Has anyone introduced this milk at this late stage?

tiktok Wed 21-May-14 09:23:55

Can you ask your doc for a referral to a paediatric dietitician, OP?

Milk free formula is prescribable, and if you buy it yourself the cost is very high. It's also something that babies should have only if they have a properly diagnosed inability to handle milk.

Twopoint4children Wed 21-May-14 20:46:30

Hi thanks for the reply. We have been the a private paediatrician but not a dietrician. The paed and hv attitude was that I could manage it really.

DS has never tried formula but milk products are definitely a problem. He can tolerate some butter on toast but milk on cereal and cheese make him very constipated.

Have you used the milk free formula?

RunningOutOfIdeas Wed 21-May-14 20:58:02

DD2 was on Nutramigen. I have been told that it tastes as bad as it smells (like over-boiled milk). It is hard to get DC on to it once they are over 6 months. The usual advice is to introduce it very slowly. So the first bottles should be 90% your expressed milk. Then each day increase the amount of formula a little.

apermanentheadache Wed 21-May-14 23:31:16

I found it really, really hard to get my baby to take hydrolysed milks - sorry sad The graduated approach never worked for us.

Aptamil Pepti is the least disgusting IMHO, it tastes a bit like horlicks and is actually quite palatable. Might be worth asking for that one.

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