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Can i boost my supply by 16oz at 5 months?

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iwanttobeadragonthisyear Tue 20-May-14 13:04:13

Had slow gain with my baby, but shes been on 16oz infatrini (over two bottles) for 4 weeks now, and hasnt moved any higher, on this bases, dietitian is deciding if we move her to full infatrini or back to EBF. What i am wondering is, is moving completely back to breast, even possible?

If its possible, how would i manage it?

ExBrightonBell Tue 20-May-14 14:18:38

It is possible to move back to EBF, although it makes no sense to try and equate the volume of formula with breast milk. You can't increase your supply by a specific amount like 16 oz, you would need to feed her very frequently until your supply caught up with the increased demand.

I don't understand though why the dietician is suggesting either 100% formula OR 100% breastfeeding. Why can't you continue mix feeding as you are? Also, in a few weeks you will presumably be weaning, so breastfeeding stops being exclusive at that point anyway.

NickyEds Tue 20-May-14 15:01:22

I'm not sure of the reasoning here either???Did she say why you should go to one or the other, surely you just need an increase overall? Have you started any weaning purees or anything?

MissRatty Tue 20-May-14 15:37:18

It wouldn't make much sense to move back to full bf if your LO is still not gaining, unless there is something else going on like an allergy or malabsorption issue, as weight gain may fall further. It is possible to go back to full bf, but I think you need to make that decision with the paed.

Is LO's gain very poor? Could you consider a supplemental nursing system? We're thinking about this as LO is supposed to be on Infatrini full time due to weight gain issues, but he often refuses the bottle, so we have to try to trick him off the boob onto the bottle as my supply has depleted (breaks my heart!). With the SNS I'm hoping to be able to nurse him but ensure he's still getting enough via the Infatrini.

Have you started weaning with high calorie foods? You can also use the Infatrini to boost the calorie count of foods x

MissRatty Tue 20-May-14 15:38:27

The SNS would help protect your supply to a certain degree and help your LO's intake if Infatrini also.

iwanttobeadragonthisyear Tue 20-May-14 21:58:57

she's decided that either baby really isn't getting enough (full infatrini) or baby is meant to be small she's been tracking the 2nd cetile for 11 weeks with a slight dip after 12 week injections. based on the baby dietitian thinks back to breast or normal formula, based on the chart she's considering full infatrini, she dropped from 92% to the second before she started tracking. also got a posterior tounge tie that's only just being dealt with.

I have an sns but it's very fiddly! either I'm all thumbs or it's just hard lol

high calorie weaning is also going to be part of the meeting friday, peads have said she's healthy, it's simply a diet issue or she's small naturally

MissRatty Wed 21-May-14 20:28:07

When did they start tracking? They say not to be too worried about birth weight, but more on whether a baby tracks a centile after "finding a centile".

iwanttobeadragonthisyear Wed 21-May-14 20:51:32

she started tracking at 8 weeks, took her 6 to regain birth weight. after 12 week jabs she got a bug, ended up admitted for the weight & because she was being sick all the time, it was a worry she would lose weight. no loss in the end but only a 50g gain in 2 weeks, then huge 300g gain that was at the time put down to infatrini, but now looks (dietitian & bf support say) like she was just going back to her line.. it was the only drop but ofc we all worried after her going down so many centiles that we went to infatrini. So now we have a meeting friday to see if and what we do about feeding her ... umm if you followed that well done! typing on phone while feeding lol

MissRatty Thu 22-May-14 03:06:15

Aw bless her. I would follow what they suggest to be honest, as they will have a better idea of what is going on. Good luck...keep us posted! X

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