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Your breast fed baby and their dirty nappies.

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Writerwannabe83 Mon 19-May-14 08:26:47

From birth and up until 2 weeks ago my DS was having a dirty nappy about 6-8 times a day and they were of normal colour and consistency.

However, things changed (when he reached 6 weeks old) and his dirty nappies started really reducing to only have one a day to eventually only going once every 2-3 days.

He is now 8 weeks old and really, really strains and grunts when trying to open his bowels and this behaviour can last days until he finally manages to go.

The last two dirty nappies he had were on Friday and were both very loose and greeny to dark brown in colour - their consistency was like that of melted chocolate. I saw a GP about this who said it was nothing to worry about.

He passes a lot of wind but there is never any poo.

I just hate seeing him in such discomfort.

Does anyone else have a similar thing going on?

Alixion Mon 19-May-14 10:22:44

I'm totally going through this!! We're really stressing about it!

Just like you said, normal dirty nappies that fit with the early weeks guidance then gradually going from once a day, to every other etc. DS is now 12 weeks and it's been 4 days - eek! Still has good wet nappies.

He's trumping like a trooper but no poo sad

I've had advice on the postnatal group that this is fine and to be expected with bf babies. While googling I also saw that it can happen during a growth spurt...

Not much advice I can give but just that I'm in the same boat. DS seems fine apart from the occasional sore tummy which is just wind.

TheDudess Mon 19-May-14 10:28:36

We've gone in the opposite direction; up from two dirty nappies a day to about four with lots more straining/farting.

We even had one Green poo the other week which freaked me out.

Baby is otherwise fine though so have decided not to worry about it. I think it's very easy to stress out a lot about poo at this stage.

rachyconks Mon 19-May-14 10:30:26

We are in the same boat with 5 week old DS. Up until last week he was going 3 times a day - now once every 3-4 days (though we are currently on day 4 and no sign). He grunts and strains all day and night. Finds it hard to settle himself to sleep because of it and lots of stinky farts. Everyone and everything I've read says it's normal for ebf babies, but it just doesn't seem right! I've tried cycling legs, baby massage etc nothing seems to work!

callamia Mon 19-May-14 10:37:01

That was normal for us. We would often go a week without poo. DS was definitely uncomfortable the day before, and id do all the tummy massage and leg cycling.

It's only now he's on solids that he's pooing more frequently. I understand that there is sometimes very little 'wastage' with breastmilk, and that seems true for him.

TheTerribleBaroness Mon 19-May-14 10:46:06

DS is now four so these issues are long gone, but I do remember them well! He would go through phases of pooing five times a day, and then wouldn't go at all. It was mustard, yellow, brown, green, black; every poo colour you can think of. It's normal. I would mention it to every HV and doctor in passing and they all said the same thing - It's just what breast feed babies do.

Obviously if he's in pain, or you think that something's not right, then take him to the doctor to be checked.

highlove Mon 19-May-14 11:00:21

DD is nearly ten weeks and we have exactly this. Often when she's does go, she'll do two or three I'm quick succession and they can be pretty spectacular. Then nothing for a few days except lots of stinky farts. Everything I've read days it's normal but I'm afraid it still worries me. She has loads of wet nappies though - confess I'm a bit obsessed and even check those that DH changes to keep an eye on things. Can you tell she's my first?!

The one thing we don't have is the green poo any more. I was told that this can mean they're bit getting enough of the fattier breast milk. But also I think one off odd poos aren't anything to worry about, especially during growth spurts, teething, etc.

highlove Mon 19-May-14 11:01:14

Sorry for typos - feeding said DD!

voodoochimp Mon 19-May-14 11:08:16

My 4 month old poos way more than any other baby I've met. I've changed 3 dirty nappies already this morning.

tiktok Mon 19-May-14 11:25:31

Poos are only really a sign of well-being in the first weeks.

After that, anything goes smile

Many, many, babies strain and grunt and squirm when they are gearing up to have a poo. Sometimes they do this in their sleep.

Then when it comes it is soft.

Unless the baby is actually crying, then all the straining and grunting is not a sign of pain or discomfort, and not even 'effort'. It's just the baby's reaction to the sensations in his gut.

Colour is usually insignificant in an otherwise healthy baby, and varies a lot.

rachyconks Mon 19-May-14 11:34:46

Thanks tiktok. That makes sense and describes my DS perfectly! Hopefully he will grow out of the grunting soon.

Writerwannabe83 Mon 19-May-14 12:38:55

Thanks everyone - it seems really common then.

DS just did the most monster poo! I have never seen anything like it! His baby-Gro was soaked with it and as it had all leaked out the nappy it was all down his legs. Cleaning him up was a very messy affair, it ended up down his arms and even in his hair. It was horrendous. I just can't believe there was so much of it, it must be unbearable in their little tummies.

This is what I don't understand, why does their body not do a little poo every day instead of it building up for 3-4 days, causing such discomfort and then it eventually exploding absolutely everywhere??

tiktok Mon 19-May-14 13:40:01

Honestly, it is not unbearable. It would only cause discomfort if it was hard to pass, and as it's soft enough to get everywhere (and I absolutely know what you mean - someone on mumsnet coined the word 'poonami' to describe it smile ) it really, really does not hurt them.

The reason it is often the case that babies go very infrequently is nothing to do with breastmilk being all used up. If it was all used up you wouldn't have the up-the-back explosions.

It's to do with the normal, physiological changes in the gut, and the maturing of the gastro-colic reflex. Often, young babies will poo as they are feeding and shortly after. This is because the gastro-colic reflex (which means 'stomach-colon', nothing to do with 'colic') is very sensitive. Something hits the tummy, and the lower gut responds in sympathy by letting go.

Older babies grow out of this trigger. Something hits the tum, and....nothing happens. The poo continues to be produced, of course, but it just hangs about in the lower gut for a while.

Some babies feel it, and it seems to make them squirm - or maybe we just notice the squirming more because we are paying attention, wondering when on earth they are going to 'do' something smile Whatever. Grunting, and squirming, and going's not pain.

Writerwannabe83 Mon 19-May-14 16:56:42

Thanks tiktok that makes really good sense and is very reassuring!!

He's just exploded again!!! The back of his baby-Gro is covered!!

tiktok Mon 19-May-14 17:13:52


Writerwannabe83 Mon 19-May-14 17:52:23

His dad walked through the front door as soon as I had posted my message! Perfect timing!! I handed DS straight over grin

Iamnotachewtoy Mon 19-May-14 17:57:05

Just checking writer since you mentioned it got in his hair - are you pulling the vests down after explosions? I didn't realise you could do that until someone told me blush

Writerwannabe83 Mon 19-May-14 18:00:08

You can do that?? Wow!!
I'll know for next time - thanks for the tip! smile

puggywug81 Fri 23-May-14 10:44:08

Hehehe the advice about pulling down the vests was a lifesaver for me too,god bless whoever invented envelope necks on vests!

Jellybellymummyofsix Fri 23-May-14 11:07:45

Dd is 14 weeks & does monster poos once a week.

She's my 1st ebf. I must be odd as I've never been concerned about this, even though I have never had a baby poo once a week! All others were ff.

Toadsrevisited Fri 23-May-14 11:40:37

Yep same here. Sudden change to one poo a day for EBF DS was a shock a first. Right now we are in the middle of some kind of awful week of green diarrhoea and I miss the daily yellow poo! Just going off to start a thread about it actually, looking for some suggestions as GP and HV aren't sure...

feeona123 Fri 23-May-14 13:41:44

Ooh I've just had this as well!

They stunk so bad when they finally came out!!

A bit of cooled, boiled water helps to push one out! If it's nearly ready to come out that is!

PretzelPrincess Fri 23-May-14 17:33:51

My DS hasn't pooped since Saturday. Begining to worry now. He normally poops by this time on a Friday but hasn't confused when does not pooping become not normal?

Writerwannabe83 Fri 23-May-14 20:19:37

My HV told me that if baby hasn't done a poo in a week then he may be constipated and to see the GP if he seems in discomfort.

Toadsrevisited Sat 24-May-14 00:06:18

My HV keeps telling me that a healthy EBF baby can go longer although to get them checked over if no poo for a week. She tells me she knew one go 13 days! Don't think it's the same for ff babies but no idea why...

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