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EBF 3 months old - shouldn't it be easier now??

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Alixion Mon 12-May-14 09:33:34

We have muddled through breastfeeding for the last few months - there were tears and lots of Lansinoh early on and I thought we'd found a good technique, DS was putting on weight well and seems happy. But all of a sudden it's become quite painful again. I've been checked for thrush.

I have a feeling it could be that his latch has changed due to getting bigger - is that mad? It feels like he is sucking too hard - I haven't had a problem with supply and he doesn't fuss just really goes for it!!

Has anyone else gone through this?
Do I just have to get used to him feeding more efficiently?

ImGoingForATwix Mon 12-May-14 11:20:12

I had this for a short while too. My advice would be to give it a few days as I seem to recall the discomfort stopping fairly quickly, although if you have a bf counsellor or support group nearby you could ask them to recheck the latch. 3 months is when I started finding bf much, much easier, and was surprised when a feed was done within 5-8 minutes! Hold on in there if you can. HTH.

Alixion Mon 12-May-14 21:07:16

Thanks for the reply smile

It's so hard to keep up with the changes - you just think you have it nailed and then they change on you!

I would be interested to know if anyone had to change the position they fed in to keep up with larger babies? I feed lying down at night which is really great and in the day I use a feeding pillow (or just make do when out and about). I think he might be getting too long for the pillow and rugby ball style is hard as we are running out of room for me to support my back at the same time.

Any tips?

ImGoingForATwix Mon 12-May-14 23:08:55

DS feeds in a half supported cradle hold - not sure if that's a proper term! Basically lies across my lap with my arm under him to keep him in place, but not taking his weight anymore. He's 20lbs + so my wrists woud ache otherwise grin. The position just kind of evolved from the cradle hold we mainly used before.

TheScience Mon 12-May-14 23:12:25

I think after the first few weeks they more sit on your lap rather than are supported by your arms. I tend to cross my legs so my 10 week old sits on the higher leg iyswim.

Alixion Thu 15-May-14 20:32:42

The science - I misunderstood your post and have been trying to feed DS sitting crossed legged - like how children sit on the floor...

I came back to reread earlier as it wasn't helping at all and had very slow baby brain lightbulb moment... Ohhhh... Sitting down with one leg crossed over the other... Duh...

So I tried it this afternoon and its great - thank you for sharing! As he rests on the higher leg it puts him in the perfect position, lower down than the nursing pillow was allowing.

Another bonus with the new angle, he can look up at me! I think its the first time he has realised that I'm attached to the boob! I got a big smile, was lovely grin

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