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Anyone using carobel?

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starlight1 Mon 12-May-14 03:27:52

Hi again sorry for all the questions but after much deliberation we have decided to go back to aptimal from cow and gate and try carobel we are currently using gaviscon for reflux is anone using carobel with Dr browns bottles and how much into 4 oz


Imeg Mon 12-May-14 13:30:34

We were given carobel powder but I have to admit I only used it for a few days as it was difficult to use when breastfeeding and I think it made him a bit colicky (perhaps because when giving as a paste it doesn't always mix with the milk in his stomach properly). Since baby started putting on weight better and isn't uncomfortable I'm happy to leave him as a 'sicky' baby for now.
I think we did give a Dr Brown's bottle of expressed milk with the carobel added, the quantities for mixing are on the packet. We used a Level 3 teat - you're supposed to use bigger teats as the milk is thicker.

Hamnvik Tue 13-May-14 15:49:16

I use one and a half scoops in an 8 oz bottle. It doesn't seem to be an exact science so I would just try half a scoop or 1 scoop in a 4oz and see how you get on. Going by the instructions on the box would make it really really thick I think. It is much better than gaviscon as it doesn't make them constipated!

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