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Milk coming in and expressing - remind me

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blushingmare Sun 11-May-14 09:50:16

Can someone remind me what you're supposed to do when your milk comes in. DS is 4 days, milk came in yesterday and this morning I'm pretty full. He's feeding well, but not "draining" them - ie they don't have that soft feeling after a full feed. I wouldn't say I'm engorged or uncomfortable, but should I express til they are properly soft or just leave them to sort themselves out?

onestepbeyond Sun 11-May-14 11:00:31

I was told if dd was not draining breast then put her back on it next time othrrwise she is only getting the watery fore milk and not the rich hind milk. Also only express if painfully engorged as otherwise you're breasts will produce more milk than required.

AnythingNotEverything Sun 11-May-14 23:05:39

If you express you'll make more milk and make yourself more engorged. Unless you're really uncomfortable, or baby any latch, just hand express a small amount for comfort. It can become a vicious cycle otherwise.

If you can, leave well alone and let baby regulate your supply.

I didn't start feeling soft after a feed until a month or so in.

Haahoooo Mon 12-May-14 04:00:52

Another recommendation against expressing - it will stimulate production and make matters worse.

I'm 3 weeks into feeding DC2 and as with DC1 suffered terribly from engorgement the first two weeks, but it does get better as your breasts and baby 'get used to each other'. Cold and warn compresses helped me, as did paracetamol. Someone recommended green cabbage leaves in bra but I did not end up trying that.

blushingmare Mon 12-May-14 06:49:49

That's great thanks. I thought that was prob best not to express. I'm not uncomfortably full, so will just let nature get on with it!

leedy Mon 12-May-14 09:34:15

Yes, expressing will definitely make matters worse, it'll settle down eventually. And don't worry about baby "draining" breasts or foremilk/hindmilk either, unless you really have massive oversupply it all balances out and they'll get the good stuff.

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