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Returning to work

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flyawayblue Sun 11-May-14 08:21:47

A is 3 months and I will be returning to work when she is just 5 months, I'm currently ebf and she's refusing bottles!

I'm really worried about how she will cope and making sure I don't explode / leak while in meetings.

I've read that it's best to drop a feed a week, is that true? And will that effect my supply for the weekends when I'd like to continue to feed on demand.

13Stitches Sun 11-May-14 08:28:33

I went back to work at 5.5 months. DS was still bottle refusing.

The CM fed him milk from a cup or spoon in between trying the bottles. It took a while but he did eventually take to the bottles (turns out he's as stubborn as his mother). He also refused Tommee Tippee and only took Breastflow brand.

I expressed in work and changed pads a lot! And of course ended up feeding most of the evening and night. I didn't consciously drop any feeds.

IIRC everything settled down within about a month. After 6 weeks I stopped expressing (he was on solids by that point so topped up with formula in the day) but continued to feed mornings, evenings and all weekend for another year.

Good luck!

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