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mangofizz Fri 09-May-14 13:58:10

Following all my breastfeeding issues, its now been decided that I have a supply issue, caused by not getting proper stimulation during the tongue tie days and probably all of the worrying I have been devoting myself to doing about it. LC suggested I might want to try Domperidone as a bit of a last resort, however, on the day she suggested it there have been a load of directives issued not to prescribe it any more.

She has been investigating and is going to call me this afternoon to discuss, am just wondering what my options are. Can I ask the GP to prescribe knowing I am aware of the risks and am happy to take them or will it be a matter of if I want it that badly to buy it over the counter as the nausea medication? (which I dont really want to do as it will cost a fortune and would rather use properly, I dont think its that ethical to buy and use myself)

Such a shame after all the problems I've had, if it had been last week I would have had it by now! I dont even know if it will help me or not, but I want to exhaust every avenue before I have to stop.

helen8235 Fri 09-May-14 19:33:58

Don't really know much about it but if you decide to buy your own this link may be useful.

That's if the link works sorry if it doesn't. It can have side effects to do with your heart rhythm which might be why they don't prescribe anymore. Depends if you think it worth that risk? Although plenty of people seem to have used it without any issues.

Have you tried fenugreek this seems to have some studies showing it can help?

Also interested to see what else is said / advised.

Popalina Sat 10-May-14 07:31:42

Hi, for exactly the same reasons my LC also suggested domperidone as she said it might help with bfing pain as missy wouldn't have to suck so hard. But, after researching and spotting the above link, I realised a. GP prob wouldn't prescribe it and B. I have a heart murmur already so prob not worth the risk for me on balance!

I tried fenugreek but made her really gassy and uncomfy and also it is a bit controversial too.

Popalina Sat 10-May-14 07:34:57

I think if your supply gets hit in that crucial first month it's tough to get it up again but if you can feed frequently and as much as they require (ie if it's. Pain free) then it's v doable. My two barriers are a 2 yr old and pain.

mangofizz Sat 10-May-14 09:24:34

GPs readily prescribed on the advice of LCs until last week, thats why im so frustrated. Theres a really good article explaining it all, im going to take it to the doctors with me to see if it gets me anywhere. Its especially frustrating as I could go out today and just buy it over the counter, but im trying to be a bit more responsible than that about it!

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