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Gulping down air whilst bfing- help please!

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Anotheronesoon Fri 09-May-14 03:51:00

My ds is nearly 5 weeks and the last ten days has become a very unhappy windy baby as unable to get wind up or out. Trouble is when he is on the breast he gulps away and I can hear him injesting huge amounts of air. I can literally hear it gurgling through his system. Trouble is it is a pain to get out despite infacol and rigourous burping. He is in such pain with it any words of advice would be appreciated- thanks!

MooseBeTimeForSpring Fri 09-May-14 03:57:30

Have you had latch checked?

Anotheronesoon Fri 09-May-14 04:19:43

Only in the first week when we were having latching problems. He is putting on tons of weight and I have no pain but maybe worth checking again. It looks ok I think ( he is ds2 and bf ds1 for 8 months) been up for nearly an hour- most of this time is me trying to wind him as I know air went in and am predicting screaming agony in an hour or so as haven't managed to get him to burp- :-(

McBaby Fri 09-May-14 04:53:52

Sounds like the problems we are having due to fast flow abd over supply. My DD will burp in the day abd be settled but v uncomfortable at night.

notadoctor Fri 09-May-14 05:15:54

My DS is like this too. I've found gripe water works between for him than infacol. Also, hand expressing the first bit of milk when the flow is really fast before popping him on again seems to help.

Anotheronesoon Fri 09-May-14 21:30:08

Thanks - agree I think I have very fast let down. Tried expressing it ( well waiting for it to stop spurting out!) before putting him back on - so we will see if that helps but agree that is probably the crux of the problem. Ds1 ( 20 months) was so intregued by milk coming out- his face was a picture! So funny! Thanks for advice - good luck tonight!

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