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Has anybody uses DAKTARIN ORAL for thrush? Stupid pharmacy woman today...

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emkana Mon 28-Aug-06 18:14:24

... was so patronizing when I bought it for ds, told me I should go and see GP instead to get Nystin with a dropper, because easier to apply with a baby and more effective. But I read that breastfeeding support network leaflet after a link I found in MN archives and thought it was exactly vice versa - gel more efficient than dropper stuff! So what's right?
And if I use the gel - how much? Is it really okay to use it four times a day, like it says in that leaflet, or should I go by the packet instrucktions, twice daily?

Flossam Mon 28-Aug-06 18:17:37

I only have experience with nystatin sorry - is the stuff used in the hospital where I am - but no experience in thrush with BF.

niceglasses Mon 28-Aug-06 18:19:17

I used this (and nystin) with repeated thrush for my 3rd child. Tbh I did find the gel - Daktarin stuff easier to get into their mouths. I think she just used to swallow the drops!!! I can't remember how often mind. I'd say the gel worked better for me..........

emkana Mon 28-Aug-06 18:49:27


I'll bump this in case somebody can confim the dosage.

lorna3586 Mon 28-Aug-06 19:05:15

Yes the oral gel works and yes its ok to use 4times a day. I used it on my son and the thrush cleared up quick. I also used this yellow medicine stuff with a dripper cant remember what it was called it was easier but stains clothes really bad. I think they both work really just need to make sure you use it till the thrush completely clears up.

damewashalot Mon 28-Aug-06 19:29:32

Used the gel, gp said was better and easier as coats their mouth better, was 4 times a day he was about 6wksish

BrookeandTaylorsmummy Mon 28-Aug-06 19:34:02

I used the gel 4 times a day with dd it worked better than drops, hope this helps

serenity Mon 28-Aug-06 19:34:18

I used the gel with DS2 when he was only a couple of days old (posted on your other thread) and that was on the recommendation of theemergancy GP. I was bfing, so I used it on my nipples as well as in his mouth. Bit hard to do that with drops! I found it really effective, cleared the patches up within 24hrs iirc.

bumbleweed Mon 28-Aug-06 19:49:47

tried the gel and the drops - the GP prescribed nystatin, but the bf counsellor recommended daktarin

I found the drops easier as there is more in the 1ml dose and you can make sure it goes on all different areas

the gel I found difficult to work out where it was - just slipped off finger

yellowrose Mon 28-Aug-06 22:37:57

emkana - I don't have time to read the whole thread - but please please DO NOT bother with Nystan. It is ineffective crap full of sugar (exactly what thrush thrives on !)

Ignore stupid women in chemist, listen to me !

I tried Nystan and it did nothing and after days of searching the internet (didn't know about MN in those days) came across BFN leaflet. I bought Daktarin Oral Gel, ditched the Nystan (prescribed by nearly ALL GP's), and DS was feeding well again within hours. His mouth was so sore he had practically stopped latching at all and I was near to killing myself that my baby wasn't latching and was going to starve.
He was 3 - 4 months old then.

I ended up expressing and feeding him by spoon and syringe, continued the Daktarin oral gel for 2 weeks and then he was ok !

Also please don't forget to treat your nipples simultaneously with Canestan or similar otherwise you will just pass the thrush back and forth.

Try applying Daktarin Gel to baby's mouth on the end of a clean ear bud. I found it just slipped off my fingers but stuck well to bud and applied well this way too.

Good luck !

NotAnOtter Mon 28-Aug-06 22:42:52

nystan is crap..rubbish stuff useless. You can buy nystan over counter and instant results.

yellowrose Tue 29-Aug-06 20:44:21

Otter - is your post a typo ? Did you mean "You can buy DAKTARIN over counter and instant results" ?

naswm Tue 29-Aug-06 21:34:47

from memory - and mine is not good lol - the gel is recommended only becuase it stays in teh mouth longer, and so, gets to work for longer. I used both versions of nystatin adn dakatarin. Re dosage. I think I did it at 4 time a day. Remember you need cream for your nipples too - ro you will keep reinfecting each other... Good lucj

Kidstrack Tue 29-Aug-06 21:37:38

Nystatin never worked with ds or dd when they got thrush, it would come back the following week, only daktarin oral gel cleared it up, i used to use a pea size amount and rub it round their mouth, gone within 2 days

Kidstrack Tue 29-Aug-06 21:40:56

also if its quite bad white blisters i would apply the 4times daily for first 2 days and yes also treat yourself with daktarin cream(available from chemist/HV) on your nipples because its hell when passed on to you, you may find you will have it when babys has cleared up!

laundrylover Tue 29-Aug-06 21:50:28

I only used the gel twice a day in my 3 month old on pharmacists advice. Also good for your nips BUT the best thing is diluted Grapefruit Seed Extract splashed on your nipples. This has finally got rid of my thrush and am now a one woman Grapefruit Marketing Board!!!

kazbeth Wed 30-Aug-06 08:55:31

so where do you get this grapefruit seed stuff? I've tried a few paces but they don't sell it.

kazbeth Wed 30-Aug-06 09:10:34

Ah, ignore that as I've just read on another thread - from independent health food shop. Should have read that first.

yellowrose Wed 30-Aug-06 14:56:35

Emkana - the advice is also to keep using Daktarin perhaps a week AFTER all symptoms have cleared up. But only use it sparingly, may be just twice a day rather than 4 if the symptoms have gone. That way you can make sure you have got rid of it. My DS had no sympotoms at all, no white patches nothing, just a sore mouth so it took me more than a week or so to realise we had it because I thought he was just having a feeding strike. The first sign of it was the shooting pains in my breasts after a feed.

If it's not too painful for you if you don't have cracked nips, use a 1 to 10 white vinager solution with luke warm water (only use distilled vinager which you can get in all big supermarkets) after each feed on your nips. Dab onto some cotton wool and then onto nips. Extremely effective as thrush hates acid environments !

Milton sterilising solution is advertised as killing the thrush bacteria. Use it on all surfaces and use the tablets or liquid for sterilising breast pumps etc. I wish I had known about Milton when DS got thrush. I think he got the thrush because I had been less than careful when sterilising my pump and there may have been bacteria on the pump when I expressed.

Thrush thrives on old milk, yuk !

FluffyJawsOfDoom Thu 29-Nov-12 10:17:05

I know this is a mega old thread - sorry!

We tried nystatin but it made no improvement. We've now got daktarin but I'm having trouble getting it to stick to her (dd 7 weeks) tongue (the pharmacist advised we wipe it dry before application but I'm finding this virtually impossible) and I'm seeing no improvement. Also her thrush goes far back into her mouth where I can't smear the gel.

Any advice?

FluffyJawsOfDoom Thu 29-Nov-12 10:34:26

And (panicking slightly) what if the gel just doesn't clear it?

ElphabaTheGreen Thu 29-Nov-12 12:34:29

Use 4 petit pois sized blobs - one each for the tongue, roof of the mouth and each cheek. Rub in well. I used to use my little finger and flatten the blob very slightly before I went in so that it stuck to my finger better during application. It must be used four times a day. If you cover all of these areas as well as you can, your baby's swallowing will get it to the back of the tongue. You must simultaneously use Daktarin cream on yourself (not the oral gel - there is a separate cream available over the counter also called Daktarin) which you need to apply to yourself after every feed. There is no need to wipe your nipples off before the next feed. If this topical treatment doesn't work, ask your GP for a course of oral fluoconazole to be used at the same time as the cream and oral gel. After completing the course of tablets, or once symptoms have resolved, you must continue using the cream and gel with the same frequency (gel four times a day, cream after every feed) for a further two weeks. Additionally, try and get as much air to your boobs as you can - I used to walk around shirtless/braless for about 15-20 minutes after applying the cream (glamorous!). Sleep without a bra if you can stand it and avoid nursing pads. Make sure you wear a clean bra every day. I also took acidophilus tablets during treatment.


FluffyJawsOfDoom Fri 30-Nov-12 12:21:39

Thanks so much! It sounds like I'm not using nearly enough.

I'm taking acidophilus, but I leak like buggery so really can't do without breast pads in the day confused I'll start sleeping without them though smile

Jira Sun 13-Mar-16 04:09:22

I have also bad experience with Nistatin. It didn't work for my 18 months old at all.

daydream1 Wed 01-Feb-17 16:16:35

Hi there my children are all grown up now with there own children but i have used DAKTARIN oral gel as i get sore mouth and tongue due to medication and find it amazing it soothes. So yes it would be good for babies but i would half the dose for the little ones. I would go to the doctor though because you will get prescription for it and he will tell you the dose, to buy its £4.50 to £6.00 depending on where you go but babies are entitled to free script. Make sure you ask for this gel otherwise the doc will give something else all the best... it will help the nipples too x

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