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Super fast let down - help!

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StretchyCat Thu 08-May-14 10:20:37

My ds is now 11 weeks - I've always had an oversupply and a super fast let down (can pump 5oz in 3 mins) but he's always coped pretty well with it. However for the past couple of weeks the let down seems to have got even more extreme on one side. If he pulls off then the milk jets all over both of us and he's getting really spluttery and crying. He obviously gets a lot if wind from it and it takes ages to get it up afterwards. It's starting to really upset both of us I think.

Will it settle down? I think it's better in the night, maybe because he doesn't suck so hard.

Is there anything I can do? Once he comes off I let the initial jet out into a muslin but then it keeps happening throughout the feed. It's much worse on this one side. I would consider pumping from that side and giving him a bottle but I can't as he won't take one.


CityDweller Thu 08-May-14 12:45:29

The Kellymom website has good advice about this. I think she says things like catching first let down in muslin (which you've tried), feeding lying backwards, etc. You could also expresss the first let down before feeding DC, but this won't help in long run (as it may increase supply!).

I have to say, I tried all of the tips and nothing really worked to stop DD spluttering and choking. We just soldiered through it and soon enough she just learned to cope (plus my supply settled down by about 4 months I think)

luckiestgirlintheworld Wed 14-May-14 19:33:06

Could you express from the super fast one and donate it to a milk bank? And then only feed from the other.

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