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??? Reflux?

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TheStorySoFar Thu 08-May-14 08:22:03

I'm sure this hs been DTD, but can't find any recent threads…

My 12wo DS was 5 wks prem. He had jaundice & therefore phototherapy for 1/52 after delivery. We had to top up & therefore although he now is BF he still gets offered 1 bottle in the evenings. Sometimes he'll guzzle 5oz, sometimes 1oz. He's always been 'sicky', but this is getting worse. The milk sometimes just pours back when I bring him upright after a feed. Generally watery milk. No burp with this. When he burps he possets either a little or a lot most of the time. He also possets a lot in his sleep & very often cries with this. Changing his nappy makes him bring lots back. He's become increasingly squirmy & jumpy before during & after feeds; like he's being given small electric shocks. In the car, again milk just pours from his mouth, especially up our bumpy lane. He's unhappy in his car seat unless the car is moving. BUT; happily lies flat e.g. in his bath.

He's very mucousy & congested & has been from birth. Sometimes has a runny noise. His chest was particularly noisy & rattly last night but he's not unwell. You know the sort of rattle that a good cough would clear? Well, that.

He's small, but gaining very well & has done steadily since birth. He's generally quite a happy little boy. I guess lots of these symptoms do point to reflux, but could they be explained by fast let-down? Don't think he's any different after the bottle really…..Also; why are these symptoms really only becoming problematic now at 12wks? If it was reflux surely they'd always have been an issue? Is it anything to do with his prematurity? I really don't like the idea of medication & possible s/e & I feel that reflux is diagnosed too often by HCP to 'keep mummy happy'. (I am a HCP).

Sorry for essay; trying to bring some clarity to my own sleep deprived thoughts too.

Misty9 Thu 08-May-14 14:28:25

I've wondered about reflux for my 3wo dd as well; she is very sicky and often brings up what looks like a whole feed - like you said, just literally pouring back out of her mouth. She's often very unsettled in the evenings and this is sometimes due to wind I think. But, I have a very fast letdown (especially on one side) and I think it might be a combination of that and her being a greedy baby! She was born big and continues to gain well, so I think some just take more than they need smile

That said, she often smells slightly of acid (her breath) while I permanently smell of sick and milk, lovely but I've decided to see how things develop. Sorry, not much help but some sympathy for having a sicky one!

TheStorySoFar Thu 08-May-14 17:34:44

LOL-sympathies to the vomit smell! Know how that feels. At least DS has lots of clothes so I can change him frequently. Not so for me; still 1 stone off PP weight, so not only am I feeling podgy & unkempt, I smell too!!! The joys eh? Have to say, I've not noticed an acidic smell. Do you mean like acetone?

Misty9 Thu 08-May-14 18:15:21

Yes, I hear you with the unkempt feeling! None of my pre pregnancy trousers fit and maternity ones are too big. Perhaps I'll have to buy another pair of leggings smile she's got more clothes than me luckily as we change at least twice a day.

By acid smell I mean like when you've got heartburn, which I remember only too well from pregnancy. The sling has been a godsend when she's grizzly.

ladymalfoy Thu 08-May-14 18:21:18

Make notes about frequency and volume of feeds.
Does the sick look digested?
How far is it projecting?
Do they cry and after they've been sick?
Is this your first child?

You'll get asked these questions and others when you go to the docs or the hospital.

We got asked these questions when our DD was admitted with reflux.
Be prepared for them to do nothing until they've witnessed the vomiting and then for your baby to have a lumbar puncture and numerous blood tests before they even treat the reflux.

TheStorySoFar Thu 08-May-14 18:28:33

Gosh Lady; a lumbar puncture sounds drastic. DS is my 4th DC. My first had pretty bad silent reflux so I've experienced the Gaviscon, Ranitidine, expressing to thicken feeds before. She was a screamer from birth & never slept well though. As DS has been fairly settled & his symptoms have gradually gotten worse so I'm a bit perplexed. He's just had another pure liquid nappy. He's now only going every 3-5 days & there's no substance to his nappies at all. He's just sat up after a 9 minute feed, dolled 2 bibs immediately with pure liquid milk & whilst straining to do said poo, brought more back then got hiccups which produced MORE milk. Feel like he's lost the whole lot. His poos smell foul as does his bottom wind ( which is v frequent). I'm beginning to think there's more to all of this than just reflux. :-(

TheStorySoFar Thu 08-May-14 18:29:19

Filled not dolled.

TheStorySoFar Thu 08-May-14 19:32:08

Lady; just observed specifics. DS can project to my R knee whilst sitting on my L thigh , so 12" at least . It's undigested milk at the start of a feed in amounts of what looks like 10l at least at a time. There were 3 amounts like that this evening. Then small mouthfuls of thicker digested lumps with a burp whilst over my shoulder towards the end. Cried after these. He feeds 9 times in 24 hours. About 25mins per feed (on demand). HS a bottle at night & takes up to 5 Oz some Nights. 1oz other nights. Any of that tell you anything?

TheStorySoFar Thu 08-May-14 19:32:39

100ml at a time. Apologies I'm on my phone.

TheStorySoFar Sat 10-May-14 12:05:30

Bump. Anyone?

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