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6 month old dropping bf

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AnythingNotEverything Wed 07-May-14 20:33:56

DD is 28 weeks and started blw at 22 weeks when she started grabbing food from us and eating it we've followed her lead, fed solids at her pace and continued to bf on demand.

She's been on 3 meals a day now for about 2 weeks and is eating well, impressive amounts, and takes water well at each meal.

However, I'm worried about how little she's breastfeeding. We've had two days this week where she's fed at 5am ish, had solids at breakfast and lunch, then then bf again at about 2pm. This feels like too long a gap and that it could mean the end of bf when we're not ready.

She tends to bf at 5/6am, sometimes 10am (but only 50% of the time now), 2pm, 4pm, then both sides at bedtime between 7 and 8.30. She feeds around midnight/1am 3-4 times a week too.

She has solids at 9am, midday, and 6.30pm.

We've had some unsettled nights recently, but I've put this down to the 6 month sleep regression and some wind associated with starting solids.

As contrast, before solids she was feeding about every 3 hours in the day and sleeping 8pm-7am.

I'm worried she's not getting enough milk. I've always just trusted her and my supply to get it right and introducing solids may have mucked up the balance.

Anyone have any advice or thoughts? We'd like to feed for another few months but don't want to discourage solids as she's doing so well.


DinoSnores Wed 07-May-14 22:18:05

Do you offer her feeds or is it purely on her demand? I tended to offer a BF about an hour before a meal so that they wouldn't be too hungry come meal time and so that they would have a decent milk feed.

I loved using the Kellymom website for BF queries so this might help.

AnythingNotEverything Wed 07-May-14 22:40:41

I sometimes offer mid morning before we go out, but sometimes I don't (assuming we'll feed when we get there) and then she falls asleep and when she wakes it's lunchtime!

Thanks for the link. I've read KellyMom and from The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding but haven't quite found the definitive answer ... It's so hard to get the balance right. I know they say that food is just for fun but I don't want to discourage the solids in favour of milk as that feels like a backward step.

With ff there seems to be a magic number of ounces to get into them, but as ever, bf isn't about having the numbers. She does have at least one yoghurt each day and has cows milk with her ready brek at breakfast.

Maybe I'll try reinstate that midmorning milk for a but and see how she goes.

TheScience Thu 08-May-14 14:02:28

Offer milk an hour before solids - if she feeds at 5am I'd offer again at 8am, then breakfast, then milk at 11/12ish, lunch an hour later etc.

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