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Raynauds/vasospasm in nipples

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MoreSnowPlease Wed 07-May-14 11:25:46

Has anyone been through this?

Ds is nearly 2 and is breastfeeding through the night but due to tongue and lip tie has done quite a bit of damage to my nipples which are permanently indented top and bottom where he clamps down when feeding. I also have always had raynauds in fingers/toes so guess am predisposed to getting it in nipples but I've read the damaged nipples will make it worse. It's so painful, even just feeling a slight breeze on a hot sunny day will make them really painful.

Don't know if I can do anything about the damage which would help or has anyone had the pain without the damage anyway?

Ds2 is due in July and im planning to feed him too, , wouldbe surprised if he doesn't make the damage even worse as he'll probably have tt and lip tie too sad

Tambajam Wed 07-May-14 14:27:54

Mum with Raynauds can get the pain without any damage. Just the temperature change can be enough to trigger as vasospasm in affected women.

However, as you suggest, the damage is really likely to be an issue here. It's not too late to try and get bf support. You may feel that bf groups wouldn't expect you to walk through the door but I run a bf group where we regularly see older toddlers. You may also be able to find someone who could do a home visit.

It's a chance your next child might have a TT or LT but this time you'll have a better sense of what to look for and hopefully find the help you need more quickly. Even if baby doesn't, things could be tough if you are currently damaged. You'd be more prone to infection and mastitis for starters.

There are some good tips below about vasospasm but as the link says, first priority is to get any latching issues fixed. I'm guessing from what you are saying, the TT wasn't divided? Even if not, there could be some latching improvements like using the flipple technique or exaggerating the asymmetry so there is more of a head tilt and more of a mouthful below the nipple.

KikiShack Wed 07-May-14 17:00:26

I just came on to write a very similar post, though DD is 7 months and I'm not pregnant again, just in pain with nnipple blanching and vasospasm.
The links are very useful so thanks. That is all smile

MoreSnowPlease Thu 08-May-14 22:06:05

Thanks tamba for the link/info. I think breastfeeding groups are great for most but honestly my experience of about 5 separate groups and 2 lactation consultants is that I generally get a sense that its more of a support network and people tell you they have been through the same thing but I have nevet actually had any practical help! Lactation consultants thought we were a lost cause as so many issues/damage too so I tend to just do my own research and self help which has got me to almost 2 years.

Anyway, with the raynauds I think I'll try those vitamims b complex and magnesium. I imagine the drug will be needed when baby is born but I'd rather not take something during pregnancy so I'll put off seeing the doc.

I am sure fixing ds latch would help but not sure this is possible, I've tried for 2 years! He did jave tt corrected at 4 weeks but lip tie not sorted and I think that's the main issue but just read no one can really do much about it.

Tambajam Fri 09-May-14 09:24:44

I think support groups tend to have a different style in different areas. We have quite a 'clinic' vibe to ours. People get one-on-one support with an experienced breastfeeding counsellor or lactation consultant.

Sorry to hear you feel IBCLCs felt you were a 'lost cause'. We are required by our code of conduct to 'keep going' to help you reach your breastfeeding goals which might include referring you to colleagues and other specialists.

Lip ties aren't often recognised within the NHS as having an impact on feeding but people do get them divided privately by surgeons or paediatric dentists who specialise in this area.

Hope things are easier next time around. You'll certainly be well-informed which is bound to make a difference.

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