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Soft boobies, can anyone help?

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Kekee Tue 06-May-14 12:53:07

Hello everyone.

I have quite big boobs which fill up with plenty of milk for my DS but once he's been on there for 5 minutes my boobs go really soft and it's making it difficult for him to latch back on after he's pulled away for a break. I manage to continue but have to hold my boob all the time he is feeding which makes me quite tense.

I posted on here before for bfeeding advice and everyone was great and things HAVE improved so really value all of your opinions?

MigGril Tue 06-May-14 13:47:28

Hi can I ask fist how old your DS is?

A couple of points you say he comes off after 5 minutes. Do you then offer the same side?

At this point we would generally say offer the second breast. If he's come off the first side on his own.

Your breasts feeling hard and full is something that tends to happens in the early weeks/couple of months. When you are over producing milk, as your milk supply charms down and you producing milk on demand they won't harden up do much in between feeds. So working out how to latch him onto a softer best now it's a good idea.

Some tips. Having big boobs can make it a little tricky, holding the breast isn't a great idea as you can end up with blocked ducks from fingers pressing into the breast tissue.
Instead using something like a rolled up muslin under your breast to raise it up a little can be helpful. Seeing if you find a different feeding poison easier to latch him onto. Rugby hold can be a good one. Just have a play about really as long as the attachment too the breast its good you can hold him any way out feels more comfortable for you.

Kekee Tue 06-May-14 14:11:47

Hi MigGril

He is 5 weeks on Wednesday...

Right from the beginning I have only used one boob at a time, I alternate sides between feeds; I suppose it's a bit of a habit I developed from the very early days when my nipples were raw and painful, so, maybe I should start using both in one session? (The MW/HV did say it was fine to do it the way I was doing it.)

They don't feed hard and full (not been engorged/hard since the first few days) but I just mean there's plenty of milk there for my DS (so no issues there).

Yeah I could try the muslin trick, thank you. I have a bf pillow, which has helped lots. I had already been tucking my bra under.

I have heard that when he gets a bit bigger things will improve... not sure how true that is

Thank you again.

Kekee Tue 06-May-14 18:09:53

Hmm, tried the muslin idea and it didn't make a difference. Basically I can't feed my DS without holding and squeezing my boobs!

MigGril Tue 06-May-14 19:19:31

Do you know if you have a local breastfeeding group. I think it would be good to get some face to face support if you can.

The breastfeeding network have a search facility on there website for local groups. Or Baby Cafes, if not ask your HV if there is a local one to you they should know.

That full feeling is what I'm talking about it does go with established nursing mums often don't feel any differences between feeds.

Yes feeding of one side can be fine, but babies neededs can change as they grow. Generally if they have a feed on one side then come off on their own you offer the other side. If you put them back on the same side they can become fussy and frustrated if they are not happy with the flow. But if it's working for you then that's fine.

Kekee Wed 07-May-14 15:12:30

Thanks for the replies!

It's really difficult to explain what I mean... They are so soft that he can't latch properly and ends up just sucking my nipple.

It makes it more difficult because my nipples are what are described as 'hard' nipples (the areola hardens with the nipple when it's stimulated) which usually I don't have a problem with (I am more than happy with their appearance) but I am sure it is making breastfeeding more difficult.

This is really getting me down, I am so worried that I won't be able to continue because it only seems to be getting more difficult.

I will go to my local clinic for advice but it'd be good to hear from other mums.

tmae Wed 07-May-14 22:37:30

I can't really help as I am typing whilst holding my breast in a position to let my DS feed, but he is now 16 weeks old and I sometimes can get him positioned so he is sitting up more and that works better. I have flat nipples so have had issues with that, I have large breasts too so I have to hold my breast back to stop his nostrils getting blocked so also have to hold for that reason too. It does get better as they can support themselves better and can latch more independently, my DS has just started teething which has made it a bit harder recently but it had been getting much easier!

Kekee Tue 13-May-14 04:03:54

Thanks for the reply, tmae! smile

Things do seem to be improving slightly re feeding.

McBaby Tue 13-May-14 09:59:46

Try reclining while feeding. It seems to move my nip

McBaby Tue 13-May-14 10:00:50

Nipple higher and moves breast tissure further away from her nose.

Writerwannabe83 Tue 13-May-14 10:26:16

My nearly 8 week old DS absolutely drains me too!! My breast can go from rock hard to soft in 5 minutes. His position at the breast changes when it goes soft, it almost looks like he's sucking the top of my breast into his mouth but the HV said it's completely normal.

In the past I have never offered both breasts unless after 30 minutes he's still faffing around with the first one. I've only ever had to do this twice.

Kekee Thu 15-May-14 01:13:15

Hello everyone,

Just thought I'd report back. Things seem to be getting so much easier, I am still no bfeeding pro but I am managing so much better, even though I have this problem of my boobs being really full and then seemingly deflating like Writerwannabe83 says, in five minutes! (I do the same thing, only offer the second breast if he has faffed and becomes frustrated with the first!)

I think I have to realise that I will never be 'hands free' because my breasts are just too big for that but things are definitely improving. I suppose I just have to have faith in my LO and his latch, he's learning as much as I am! smile

McBaby Thu 15-May-14 02:39:32

I would try and see someone to look at your latch and see if they can offer suggestions.

Holding your breast could mean you apply pressure to you milk ducts and block them during feeding which could lead to blocked ducts or mastitis.

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