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DD impatient at milk speed after first let down

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goldfishimon Sun 04-May-14 08:12:28

I'm really struggling with keeping my (9wk old) DD interested in the breast after the initial let down.
I have had many many problems with BF and have now ended up with a low milk supply so have been forced to mix feed while doing all I can to improve it, with the end goal of going back to EBF.
My initial let down is ridiculously fast. Spraying DD in the face etc etc, but when it slows down she loses interest and keeps pulling off the boob, or crying and hitting it.
If I manage to keep her on longer, she starts to doze off, as if it is such hard work that it exhausts her.
I know there is still milk left in my breast as a squeeze of the boob produces a drop, plus yesterday i expressed during a long car journey and got 3oz from each boob! (That was after a four hour gap of not feeding).

So I really just need some help on keeping her on the boob. Ive been using a nursing supplementor but it isn't able to speed up my flow so I don't think it's massively helping. I've tried massaging the boob but it doesn't work.


TheScience Sun 04-May-14 08:13:43

Do you swap sides when she loses interest on the 1st?

blueberryboybait Sun 04-May-14 08:18:53

When she loses interest swap sides and let her feed until she has had enough then swap again to the 1st side if she is still hungry and she will get another fresh let down. Switch feeding will also help increase supply.

goldfishimon Sun 04-May-14 09:04:44

Hi there, I have to swap sides initially as she doesn't get enough from one side.
Once the second side is done I have tried giving the 1st side again but she only stays on about a minute before tugging and moving her head around, un latching and relatching, all whilst whining. It can be painful. She is so impatient. How do I keep her on?
In the end I either have to use the supplementer or give a bottle to top up.

blueberryboybait Sun 04-May-14 09:07:58

Are you winding her between sides? very often a fast let down can result in terrible wind. Also, what happens if you don't top up or supplement after the feed?

Have you got a local breastfeeding support group you could go to and get some help from someone who can see exactly what is going on?

goldfishimon Sun 04-May-14 09:23:26

I wind her after the gush of milk, then put her back on for the rest of the boob. Obv if she pulls off or starts to fuss then I will stop her and wind again.
Once she has taken all she wants from me she will still display signs of hunger, pecking, trying to latch onto everything and grizzling. Plus if anything gets close to her mouth she launches onto it.

I've been to a lot of groups but everyone always assumed it was a low milk supply causing the problem. Which I'm sure is a factor as well, but not solely the problem.

Popalina Sun 04-May-14 11:45:19

I am watching this with interest as mine does the same and will then down a bottle of formula despite me still having milk. It's weird that it's low supply when milk is clearly there...?

TheScience Sun 04-May-14 11:49:37

Sounds like bottle preference maybe? What happens if you put the baby back to the breast instead of offering a bottle? Could you pump a bit first so the milk is right there already?

Popalina Sun 04-May-14 14:17:53

That's a good point Science.

blueberryboybait Sun 04-May-14 18:12:51

What happens if you find a way to comfort her other than giving her a bottle? With a bottle they guzzle all because they can't stop the flow. Is she trying to suck for comfort but getting cross because she doesn't milk but wants to soothe?

Misty9 Sun 04-May-14 18:38:44

Have you had tongue tie checked at all? Sounds a bit like ds when he was newborn and he was severely tongue tied. Especially the getting exhausted part.

goldfishimon Sun 04-May-14 22:23:37

Not sure which questions are for me or for Popalina..
My DD had a posterior TT which was eventually cut.
That was in fact the start of the downward spiral leading to these issues..
I try not to use a bottle very often and instead use a supplementer /SNS which essentially feeds milk through a tube to my nipple, and she sucks on my breast as normal. Once my milk runs low I allow the flow through the tube and she thinks she is still getting breast milk from the boob. Essentially it is a way to help stimulate the breast and increase milk production.
So I don't think it is a bottle preference in my case.. But it may be. I just can't find a way around this :-(

liquorice1 Mon 05-May-14 14:41:47

Have you tried www. Lowmilksupply . Org

liquorice1 Mon 05-May-14 14:42:34

Or advice from a lactation consultant IBCLC

puddock Mon 05-May-14 14:44:22
You say massaging hasn't helped, have you tried breast compressions specifically?

goldfishimon Thu 08-May-14 07:59:53

Thanks I will try them, although she is tearing me nipples around with frustration :-( x

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