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BF after elective c-section

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Debbiethemum Sun 21-Mar-04 21:11:29

This might be a really stupid question but how does your body know that you have had your baby?

I BF DS after being induced, a few hours of labour then emergency c-section, luckily he knew what to do as I didn't and was very groggy. So that was a really successful positive experience that I want to repeat.

This time I will be having an elective c-section in two or three weeks (I am due in four). So will the right hormones be released? Or is there anything I can do to get things started?

Also how long will it take for my milk to come in, I think it took two/three days last time which I understand is normal, but I don't want bump to go hungry and I do not want to use a bottle/formula or have anyone else tell me I have to and not have the knowledge to argue my case.

Any advice welcome

twiglett Sun 21-Mar-04 21:26:52

message withdrawn

Zerub Sun 21-Mar-04 21:36:35

I had dd by elective cs. I bf'd her in the recovery room - like your ds, she knew what to do. My milk didn't come in till day 5 which I was told is normal if you haven't been in labour. But the colustrum was still there.

However I've since heard that the stuff about your milk coming in later after a cs is not true - colustrum production is triggered by your placenta being removed, and milk production is triggered by your baby sucking. Anyone know if that's true? If so, formula is the worst thing you can do since it would delay your milk even more, wouldn't it?

Janh Sun 21-Mar-04 21:37:20

I had 4 sections and couldn't BF any of them, twiggy (that'll bugger up your averages!) but it was me, mostly - as Debbie has breastfed successfully already after a section she should be fine, shouldn't she?

The only thing you might find, Debbie, is that the baby is sleepy from the anaesthetic, and not very sucky with being a bit early, but you should be able to get over that after a few days.

Debbiethemum Sun 21-Mar-04 21:54:00

Thanks a lot for you replies twiglett, zerub & JanH. It is reassuring to know that I have a good chance of BF'ing bump as well. Good point about the sucking reflex JanH, I am seeing my consultant on Tuesday so will hopefully pick a date for 39 weeks - though I am sick of the breathlessness I have at the moment.

aloha Sun 21-Mar-04 22:42:08

Hi Debbie, I had an elective at nearly 38 weeks due to placenta praevia - I assume your section will be later? My milk did take longer to come in, maybe partly due to losing quite a lot of blood due to the PP - and I got SO much pressure to give formula, despite the fact that my ds was getting lots of colostrum. I really don't think it was necessary. I went on to mainly breastfeed for over a year. I used formula when I wanted to or when I was away. You will have your elective with a spinal probably and that will not make your baby groggy. I put ds to the breast pretty much straight away. He sucked very fiercely from day one. Personally, if it was safe I'd opt for an elective at 391/2 weeks or even at 40.

hmb Sun 21-Mar-04 22:51:21

I fed ds and he was an elective section. I also bf dd afterthe emergency section. I can't say that I noticed that the milk came in later with ds. They both fed in the recovery room.

I wasn't sucessful in bf, but that was *not* to do with the sections, I just didn't make enough milk for them. I did enjoy feeding them while I could, and fed them both, in part, for 4 months.

aloha Sun 21-Mar-04 23:17:15

If you have problems with milk supply Mears always recommends Domperidone, which is given routinely in her hospital. I would definitely have asked for it to speed arrival of milk.

Ghosty Sun 21-Mar-04 23:37:44

Hi Debbie ...
I sort of had an elective ... a failed induction (hardly any labour at all ...) and then DH and I chose to cut our losses ('scuse the pun) and go for the c/s ...
DD is a champion feeder ... no probs latching on. She was born on a Tuesday and my milk came in on Friday ...
I had to fight the m/wives in the hospital who wanted to give her a top up feed as she was so big ... There is really no need to top up before your milk comes in as you need the baby to feed often to get the milk going IYSWIM ...
My only tip to help milk going is to feed as often as possible in those first few days ... I didn't let DD go for longer than 3 hours ...

Marina Mon 22-Mar-04 09:10:32

Debbie, I've had two electives and b/f successfully after both of them. My experience is that my milk did come in about two days later than my friends who gave birth vaginally, but other than that I had no problems. I think that even the best-managed c-section represents a shock to your system and that can delay the milk slightly, even with all the right hormones kicking in as the placenta is removed etc.
Good luck. A supportive hospital should always help a c-section mum feed. You are right to gird up your loins on this in advance, though, because in my experience there is always at least one person on the ward, usually at night, who is itching to slip your baby a bottle. Sad but true.

mears Mon 22-Mar-04 09:32:09

Although milk can be delayed coming in after an elective C/S, it usually gets there in the end Make sure baby feeds frequently in first few days (3 hourly at least).
For women who have problems with supply despite frequent feeding with a well latched baby, Domperidone can help. We use it mainly for mums who have problems expressing for babies in the spacial care baby unit. It was also used recently for a mum who had twins by C/S. It isn't used in the first few days though because nature needs to be given a chance first.
Try not to stress over it - since you have fed before it is most likely you won't have a problem. Good luck

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