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ohdearitshappeningtome Thu 01-May-14 04:26:31

I need a grip!!! hmm

Ds1 is almost 3 weeks old, we never really grasped the breast feeding but I've expressed and give it via a bottle, still try to latch him but I've only had teo successful breast feeds! Pinching and eye watering comes to mind!!

Anyway, when I expressed jn hospital I was getting around 90ml but that's electric pump but at home in my hand pump I'm only getting 30ml and I just pop that into his formula!!

I was telling my friend about this and she asked "why do I bother" so I explained why, best for him etc and she just replied with a sarcastic "well each to their own"!

Should I give up? Is it worth it? I express around 6 times a day!

Louisajane27 Thu 01-May-14 05:34:42

Hi, my ds2 is 7 weeks and he too is on expressed milk which he has in a bottle/tube fed. I also had a great supply at first but now I am expressing less my supply has reduced. I personally would do what makes you happy and what works for both of you. I have chosen to continue expressing until my supply stops, I'm only expressing 4 times a day now as with 2 kids under 2 I struggle to find the time. But I would honestly do what makes you both happy and don't worry what others think. X

somuchtosortout Thu 01-May-14 05:39:45

If you really want to continue you need to buy an electric pump ASAP. If you are disciplined and express at the same time every day you will get the supply you need, even if not much to begin with.
You'll be amazed at how programmable your breasts are!

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