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Moving away from breast feeding

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MrsCaptainJackSparrow Wed 30-Apr-14 22:44:21

Hi, I'm looking for advice on how to begin weaning my ds away from breast feeding.

He is 14 months old and only feeds at night now. I usually feed him at bed time but not always and he can go to sleep without it but if he wakes in the night he screams until he's fed.

He has milk and water in a cup during the day

leedy Thu 01-May-14 11:09:23

I found Dr Jay Gordon's approach really good for dropping night feeds with DS1:

MrsCaptainJackSparrow Fri 02-May-14 22:37:07

Thanks for the link. Just need to put it into practice. He went to bed tonight without milk although last night he woke 3 times and screamed until he got it hmm

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