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Feeling low, affecting supply?

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LavalavalavaLamp Wed 30-Apr-14 20:08:12

I wouldn't diagnose myself with pnd (nor would the health visitor) but I am not in a good way mentally - I have a 3 week old.
Is it possible to continue breastfeeding even if you do have pnd? My health visitor says that my mood may affect my supply, I'm trying to crush my feelings down and be happy and chilled for the sake of bf my dd but it's hard!

Sunflower1985 Wed 30-Apr-14 21:44:59

Hey, congratulations on new baby. 100% you can carry on bf.
Pnd is a difficult diagnosis, there's not just one symptom or solution. Whether you have it or not, as long as you want to keep feeding you should. As long as it's not making you feel worse.
I've had anxiety for a long while and bf, although initially a struggle, has been a lovely part of my life with my ds, now 9mo and on the boob as I type.
Initially I found anxiety or stress did affect let-down (not supply directly). I learnt relaxation techniques that made a world of difference. I also got support from a Pnd group through my hv (gp could be another route depending on your area, it's always worth getting support).

This explains about how stress affects milk and kellymom has some practical tips.

Deep breaths. Hth.

StarlightMcKenzie Wed 30-Apr-14 21:47:59

Your supply will be fine if your latch is good, you're feeding on demand and you offer several sides at each feed.

However, bfing is hard work, and if you are feeling low you might not have the mental resilience to cope with it, to find solutions to the sleep issue and to prevent other necessary chores from getting on top of you.

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