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8 mth old gone off bf in day but cluster feed at night?

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Cakeismymaster Wed 30-Apr-14 11:36:51

Looking for some advice re bf 8 mth old. Dd is increasingly not interested in bf during the daytime - is happy to drink some formula from sippy cup and likes her water. At the moment she will have a bf on wake up, then water in the morning, then sometimes a small bf after lunch. She will then have about 4oz formula late afternoon. Then her dinner with water to drink around 5ish.
Then at 6.30 ish the bf frenzy starts and she will literally feed every hour until around 12.. Then probably one or 2 more quick feeds between 12 and 7am.
Is she getting enough milk like this? She weighs 9.5kg and is about 90th centile so no probs there.
Should I try and change anything or just let her carry on?

Cakeismymaster Wed 30-Apr-14 18:33:42

Bumping, anyone have any tips/advice/comments?

Coveredinweetabix Wed 30-Apr-14 18:46:03

Well wouldn't you do this if you could? Why stop having fun during the day and feed and just have a breast to stare at? Especially if you can then top up in the evening with the bonus of extra cuddles when you know you should be asleep.
The only way I found around it was to feed in a quiet, dark room during the day. If we were out, it was a nightmare.

zoobaby Fri 02-May-14 03:49:48

DS did this too. Much more interesting things to see and do or at least try to do. Can't remember how long it lasted. One thing I did was to offer BF less often. It was much less frustrating that way and he did concentrate a bit better.

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