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What's 'Normal' for a 20 Week Old?

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Scotinoz Thu 24-Apr-14 13:20:45


I'm just trying to work out what's kind of 'normal' with breast feeding...

My 20 week old is a wee star other than she's taken to feeding every three hours again during the night. She used to do a five or six hour stretch at night but over the past week it's been back to three hours.

She doesn't feed so regularly during the day. I offer every three hours, sometimes more frequently. Gawping at the world going by is far more interesting than eating in her books! I've tried feeding her in a dark room, with a muslin over her etc but she still does a lot of looking around.

I think she's just making up for lost daytime eating with her night time feeds, but she's my first so I'm just guessing!

Is this just a phase? Is there sometime I can do? Do I just suck it up? Does it mean she's hungry for more than just milk (she's had a bit of a munch on some bread etc but doesn't look that interested in food)?


KikiShack Thu 24-Apr-14 17:11:59

I can't say much about what's normal but I suggest looking into the 4 month also regression- your DD sounds like she might be doing a fairly mild version of that.
Fwiw my DD (28wks) has only in the last few weeks dropped down from feeding every 2 hours in the day, though she will often have a small feed every couple of hours and big ones only 3-4 times a day. She also only cut down from feeding every 2-3 hrs at night when we moved her to her own room around 23/24 weeks. She now sleeps through or wakes once most nights.
Your DD sounds entirely normal to me!

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