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Going back to work - how to stop feeding on demand?

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BlearyeyedLol Mon 21-Apr-14 21:42:37

Hi, my dd is almost 9 months and has been fed on demand from birth. She has been having a bottle of formula in the evening for the last 4 weeks as I was struggling to express and I'm not keen on increasing formula if I can help it.
I go back to work in august and I'm already worried how to wean her off daily feeds. She loves boob and feeds to sleep if given a choice. I tend to offer it to her if she doesn't ask for it and hasn't eaten much solids so on average she feeds 6-7 times a day including nights.
Any idea how to start weaning her off please? I don't mind continuing with morning / evening / nights but she needs to get through the day without it.

Havanacat Mon 21-Apr-14 21:47:11

Well, I went back to work with an ebf baby who was 8 months old and honestly, it wasn't a problem. I did nothing to 'prepare' except taking a breast pump with me for a few days so I was comfortable - but boobs quickly adjusted. DD was either at nursery or at home with other carers, I didn't leave expressed milk or formula as she wouldn't touch a bottle. She drank water from a cup if thirsty and was on solid food so didn't go hungry.
I worked 4 days a week, feeding in the morning and at night and on demand on my days off - without any trouble. It was remarkable. DD continued to be bf until she was over 2 years old. If you do something similar, be prepared to feed more at night too though which can be tiring once you're back at work. Good luck.

NachoAddict Mon 21-Apr-14 21:47:12

I spent so many weeks worrying about this as I was returning to work. In the end I did nothing. I was really engorged the first few weeks but ds had a frantic feed as soon as I picked him up and my breasts and he soon got used to the new pattern.

At first he would feed for hours in the evening because he wouldn't drink from a cup or bottle during the day but he soon got used to that too. All those sleepless nights spent worrying for nothing!

You may choose yo take a pump to work im case you get too uncomfortable, I didn't but found myself hand expressing just a tiny bit in the loo once or twice.

NachoAddict Mon 21-Apr-14 21:49:13

Forgot to add, Ds was 10 months old and I returned to work 9-5 4 days a week and still fed on demand while I was off.

hotcrosshunny Mon 21-Apr-14 21:49:17

It is months away and she won't be the same baby. She will be on regular meals if not already. I worried with my first but it was fine.

leedy Tue 22-Apr-14 15:48:20

What everyone above said - she'll be a different baby entirely in a few months and will have probably really ramped up her solids intake and dropped some milk feeds of her own accord.

I also did basically nothing to prepare when going back to work both times and it was absolutely fine. I did express once in work and leave a small amount of expressed milk for the first few months but to be honest they could have done fine without it. Fed DS1 til he was 2.5, still feeding DS2 at 17 months.

Forgettable Tue 22-Apr-14 16:01:13

Yep as pps have said, it will be fine, no need to do anything really. Maybe introduce a sippy cup for daytime water and be prepared for some reverse cycling (heaps of night feeds) for a few weeks.

BlearyeyedLol Tue 22-Apr-14 21:14:52

Thanks for the advice ladies. I don't mind the night feeds - just need to convince dh it's also best for her. He's convinced it's only for my benefit to carry on!
Pumping at work will be hard and I want to avoid it as much as I can. I do however have the option to come home at lunch time to feed her. What's peoples views on that? I worry it may unsettle her again but it would give her the chance to have boob!

NachoAddict Tue 22-Apr-14 21:51:06

I think ny the time you go back she will manage fine without. I considered popping yo the nursery on my lunch too but honestly, it will be more difficult for you than your dd.

I agree with introducing a sippy cup. My ds refused to drink from anything but me for ages but he did come round.

As for your dh, well no advice there, my dp also thought carrying on was for my benefit. I told him I would do what I think is best for me and ds and until he lactates he doesn't get an opinion. I know that wouldn't be everyones way forward though.

Havanacat Tue 22-Apr-14 23:07:38

As to feeding at lunchtime - only you can really answer that. If you think your baby would be ok and not unsettled, then I'd say at least try it out.
My DD happily carried on bf until 2.5 yrs old, and it was me that called it a day, she would have carried on quite happily. It was good for us both.
I think especially for working Mums, being able to carry on bf is lovely, it gives you quiet time together and reinforces your bond.

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