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Pregnant with 2nd dc.. Does bf hurt as much second time round?!

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Lyns22 Mon 21-Apr-14 16:24:35

Just that really..
Our daughter is 10 months and still bf, the first month was agony. Bleeding, cut nipples, bad latch.. Did anyone experience these problems second time round or do you nipples harden to it?! X

stargirl1701 Mon 21-Apr-14 16:26:56

I'm due in Aug with DC2.

I bloody hope not! The most painful experience of my life with DD!

TooManyDicksOnTheDancefloor Mon 21-Apr-14 16:27:39

I only experienced problems with my second baby! My first fed like a dream. I think it's more down to the baby than the nipple. My seconds was slightly lip and tongue tied so couldn't get a deep latch.

ems1910 Mon 21-Apr-14 17:38:57

My first was the sore one. Second has fed like a dream, no soreness at all.

weebairn Mon 21-Apr-14 17:59:05

My first wasn't really painful at all (we are still feeding here too) and I worry I might be in for a rude awakening with no. 2 confused

Wildhorses123 Mon 21-Apr-14 18:18:42

I'm afraid I found it painful with all 3 although the length and intensity of the pain did vary between each child and I think this was mostly down to the individual baby's latch. By DC3 I had decided to accept in my own mind that it would be painful to begin with but hold onto the thought that it would end and then we'd have many months of happy, painfree breastfeeding. I know that the bf experts say it shouldn't be painful if the baby is latched correctly but I went to endless bf support groups, was always told my latch was fine and it still always hurt at the start for each of mine (got less around 6 weeks generally). I do hope that you have pain free bf experience from the start with your second, but if it is not, hold on to the well-loved phrase - this too will pass. All the best

dailyscoop Mon 21-Apr-14 18:29:21

I had no pain or problems at all with no 1.

With No 2 had sore cracked nipples for a couple of weeks at first. Even now at 3 months it's like feeding a wild animal, he thrashes about a lot and turns his head from side to side. Luckily my nipples are now used to it, but feeding is not an enjoyable experience (for me at least).

I suspect i depends on the baby.

findingherfeet Mon 21-Apr-14 18:32:28

Yes. confused ....but it wasn't excruciating for quite as long (and I knew the agony would end)

zoemaguire Mon 21-Apr-14 18:38:51

Dc1 was a nightmare for months, now suspect undiagnosed tongue tie. Dc2 no issues. Dc3 a nightmare until tt snipped, now doing fine. You never can tell!

Lyns22 Mon 21-Apr-14 20:49:06

Eek! Toes curling at the thought of the same pain, whoever said childbirth was the most painful thing ever obvs had never breastfed..

EATmum Mon 21-Apr-14 23:31:30

Like someone was attacking mine with glass with all three - sorry it's not what you want to hear but mine needed time to adapt each time - and to each baby (and I did persevere and it did always work out in the end). The silver lining for me by DD3 was mixed feeding - one bottle given by my husband in the early evening stopped the relentless evening feeding I'd had with the first two, and gave me some time and sanity back. Wish I'd known the first two times ...!

sleepyhead Mon 21-Apr-14 23:38:24

I'm not going to lie to you, I still had problems 2nd time around, but to put it into perspective:

Ds1 - hideous cracks which took months to heal, multiple instances of mastitis, hurt for the first 4 months.

Ds2 - very painful, some chapping, 1 bout of mastitis, absolutely fine from 3 weeks onwards.

Oddly I found it harder in many ways with ds2. With ds1 I always felt that it must get better soon, that I could try something else and things would improve (and it did eventually - I bf for 14 months). With ds2 I was very close to giving up after a few days because I couldn't bear the thought of things being so bad as with ds1. I gave myself a target of 4 weeks and by then it really was pain free.

I had very flat nipples with ds1 and he did "fix" them, but I also suspect there was some undiagnosed posterior tongue tie going on.

pcbmc00 Mon 21-Apr-14 23:47:24

So easier on second you kinda know what you doing.. Everything easier on second IMO....

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