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11 day old feeding problems

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odi1 Mon 21-Apr-14 12:56:53

After initial problems latching baby was feeding well (she has gained over 1lb never lost weight on day 5) but in the last few days has been very unsettled in the evening and today seems uncomfortable .Arching her back and writhing as if she has trapped wind.

The breast feeding counsellor we saw on day 4 said she had a tongue tie but when she latched it was good (she is obviously transferring milk). She is now coming off the breast a lot on most but not every feed and I have noticed a clicking when she feeds. She also projectile vomits about once a day this does not seem to cause distress.

Could all of these be the tongue tie or something else? The midwife said colic but some of the symptoms don't fit she doesn't cry inconsolably she just seems uncomfortable/unhappy and she hiccups a lot.

Thanks in advance

wrapsuperstar Mon 21-Apr-14 13:17:51

Well 'colic' isn't an enormously clear 'diagnosis' (most so-called colicky babies either have something wrong medically or are just going through a rough patch!) so your midwife hasn't been that helpful there. sad

Reflux is a possibility and this can be treated. But babies with tongue tie can often be sicky and miserable during and after feeds because even if they are taking on milk, it's unlikely they have a perfect, 'airtight' latch. The severity of the tongue tie can impact this too. My DD had a 75% tongue tie, undiagnosed until 13 weeks, because people thought she had a great latch (my boobs are big, hide a multitude of latch 'sins' to a professional not looking close enough!) and she obviously took on enough milk to just about get by -- tho not, it has to be said, enough to thrive fully until the TT was snipped and I got on medication for low supply.

I urge you to get a second opinion on the latch and TT issue. In the meantime, do all the basics -- plenty of skin to skin, offer the breast aaaall the time, try breast compressions and natural galactagogues for yourself like oatmeal or fennel tea. At 11 days if you can get good help identifying what the issue might be, and support in sorting it, there is no reason why it will be insurmountable. Good luck and congratulations on the birth of your daughter!

wrapsuperstar Mon 21-Apr-14 13:20:20

Forgot to say it sounds like you're doing a marvellous job already! Just don't be afraid to make a noise if your DD isn't happy. One of my big regrets is not making enough of a nuisance of myself when my baby was little and all my instincts were telling me that things weren't quite right.

odi1 Mon 21-Apr-14 14:30:35

Thanks, I also have large breasts which may be hiding the extent of the problem, I think that they see her feeding and assume its good also she seems to latch well when being watched - typical! I will try and get it looked at again as somethings not quite 'right'.

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