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Ouch! Teeth!

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eagle2010 Mon 21-Apr-14 08:36:32

DS (almost 7 mo) has 4 teeth - 2 bottom, 2 top. The top two have come down considerably in the last few days.

Yesterday the pain when he latched on was terrible, I could feel that top tooth with every suck! I was crying when he fed in the night.

Anyone have any tips? Do I need to teach him to latch all over again? He's always had a shallow enough latch.


This is what I did for mine:

Say ouch no!, with a pained expression (the more dramatic the better I found) as soon as he bites/grinds teeth, then stick finger in to unlatch. Relatch and try again, un latching every time if it happens again. It might take a while but he'll get the message that biting = no milk.

DS is almost two and still occasionally bites or grinds, but no where near as often or as severely as when he was cutting his teeth.

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