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Anyone never got past the painful feeding phase?

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DancingtheTittyTango Mon 21-Apr-14 07:13:51

DD will be 14 weeks on Tuesday and feeding from my right side is still agony! She has had lip and tongue tie lasered and we have seen a million different people including lactation consultants who assure me her latch is good.

My left side is fine but my right is so bad I can only stand about 10 minutes before I have to put a nipple shield on (which she's not a huge fan of!)

So my question is has anyone just carried on but the pain never got any better? With my eldest daughter it was painful until 4 months but the pain was never as bad as it is now with DD2.

I'm praying it improves but after 14 weeks its now actually worse! confused

hollybolly91 Mon 21-Apr-14 08:17:28

Unfortunately I had painful breastfeeding too, dispite a good latch there just seemed to be some thing wrong and neither any health care professional or myself coypd work out why it hurt so much! I stuck it out for 7 months though which im very happy about, so im affraid no advice but I know how painful it can be!!

McBaby Mon 21-Apr-14 09:09:52

Get the ties checked again. We had reattachment 3 times but once she was six months and we had the final cut we went to to feed pain free till she was 14 months.

BonaDea Mon 21-Apr-14 10:52:00

Posterior ties especially have a habit of reattaching. Might be worth a final check.

But in my experience, yes, it does eventually get to the point where nothing hurts (we had thrush, tt, bad latch, the works!).

You could also try feeding exclusively from one side. You'd need to work on getting the supply up and of course there may be a lop sided issue depending on how full your breasts get but there is no reason why this couldn't work.

RandomMess Mon 21-Apr-14 10:57:27

I never knew how painless bf could be until I bf the next one. Nope it never got any better with my first despite having her TT snipped (which did help hugely) the latch looked perfect but she clearly wasn't latching deep enough. I had plentiful fast milk so she thrived (98th centile) but if you corrected her latch she refused to feed etc.

I returned to work when she was 4 months old, couldn't express enough and eventually switched to bottles.

It was her latch, I too saw lots of NHS & NCT feeding experts and in the end said I just must be too sensitive as a redhead.

Next 2 it was painless!!!!

ProudAsPunch92 Mon 21-Apr-14 16:30:19

Is it soreness of your nipples that is causing the pain? Are they cracked at all?

BlessedAssurance Mon 21-Apr-14 16:44:30

Op i am in the same boat as you. 3 weeks today and i feel horrible. I have had it all and some days i wake up feeling positive and upbeat only to be miserable by thr end of thr day. I have enough milk to feed the whole of China, baby has a good latch, have seen breastfeeding gurus you name it. It is hell when he latches on. I am surprised at all the women i see breastfeeding with no pain and enjoying it. It was thr same with DC1 and i went to formula on day 6, breastfed til she stopped herself at 6 months. This time i would lovento continue because i can see thr advantages but Lord does it hurt?

Good luck Op but if it still hurts at 14 weeks what chance do i havesmile.

BlessedAssurance Mon 21-Apr-14 16:45:33

Thr?? The obviously..

Romily Mon 21-Apr-14 20:59:25

I would check for thrush. However I have beed feeding for nearly 4 months and it has been painful throughout.

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