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Thrush will I ever get rid of if??

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DancingtheTittyTango Mon 14-Apr-14 12:09:19

I had a course of antibiotics over 3 weeks ago and within 2 days my daughters mouth was covered in thrush and in another day my nipples felt raw.

I've been using cream for both of us, ironing bras and had a 7 day course of thrush tablets but my right breast is still agony sad I'm actually considering giving up feeding if it carries on. hmm

My daughter is 13 weeks and ill be devastated if I have to give up. What can I do??

ohhhhpieceofcandy Mon 14-Apr-14 12:19:08

It does get better I promise. Do you have the stuff to put in her mouth as well? Is it just your nipples hurting or are you getting shooting pains during and after feeding? Shooting pains can be ductal thrush and that can take 2 or 3 courses of the tablets to get rid of completely.

I used dettol laundry cleanser to make sure
I wasn't reinfecting us with clothing and I also had a probiotic every day.

Hope you feel better soon - I've had mastitis and thrushaand thrush was by far the most painful!

DancingtheTittyTango Mon 14-Apr-14 12:42:49

Yeah I'm getting shooting pains too sad How long did it take to go? Have had so many problems with breastfeeding and this is just another knock in my confidence sad

Willabywallaby Mon 14-Apr-14 12:49:55

I had fluconazole and used grapefruit seed ectract wiped on my nipples after feeding.

ohhhhpieceofcandy Mon 14-Apr-14 13:32:06

It's taken a good 3 weeks to get rid and I'm watching like a hawk for any symptoms in case it comes back. Just remembered - if you're using breast pads make sure you change them regularly. I change them every feed but I'm very leaky. Moist and warm is perfect conditions for thrush!

BetterWithCheese Mon 14-Apr-14 13:48:27

We're also battling with thrush. I think I need to go back for the tablets. DD never showed any signs in mouth but was treated with Nyastin (?), also had Timodene for her nappy rash but that was changed to Daktarin which I also have for my breasts. It's been three weeks and all that's improved is DD's nappy rash. Sunlight is supposed to be good so I've just been giving my nipples an airing outside and praying the neighbours don't peek over the fence! I've also started soaking bras in Milton as it is meant to kill candida. Hoping it clears up soon for you Dancing and for me.

Chocolatestain Mon 14-Apr-14 13:58:48

I had a lot of problems with thrush. Things that helped me were:
Good quality disposable breast pads - Lansinoh were the best I found.
Wiping nipples with a solution of 1tbs white vinegar in half a cup of water after every feed.
Applying coconut oil after vinegar wipe. It's great stuff - moisturising, safe for baby, and very anti-fungal. I used it for a few weeks after the symptoms had gone as thrush can be a bugger for sneaking back.

It's a miserable thing, but it does go. I kept the coconut oil to hand and slapped it on again at the first sign of anything that might possibly be thrush to make sure it never came back.

DancingtheTittyTango Mon 14-Apr-14 19:00:54

Have been back to the doctors and he's given me a prescription for another 7 day course of Fluclozanole tablets. I've also ordered a probiotic tablet to start taking. I really want to get rid of this soon, I'm starting to dread her feeds. I had cracked bleeding nipples at the start and this pain is far worse as it gets gradually worse throughout the feed whereas before it was really sore at the start but kind of went numb the longer she fed.

DancingtheTittyTango Tue 15-Apr-14 04:39:44

Had to resort to nipple shields tonight for the first time ever sad

Even when my nipples were cracked and bleeding the pain wasn't this bad. Feel like I'm destined never have a pain free feed sad

ForTheLoveOfSocks Tue 15-Apr-14 05:15:30

Dancing I've been experiencing similar issues to. I was told I needed not only tablets to treat me but cream for my nipples too.

I was told to throw out any tubes of Lansinoh (or equivilant) as I could reinfect myself.

Take painkillers regularly - they do help. Although my DD's tongue tie division has grown back. Have you had that checked? If you have cracked nipples it's easier to get ductal thrush IYSWIM

Wash you clothes on a hot wash. I've been washing at 60 degrees for clothes and 90 degrees for towels. Also do not share towels as it can pass through them as well.

I haven't tried this but I've been told reducing your yeast, sugar and carb intake can really help. One person I sp

ForTheLoveOfSocks Tue 15-Apr-14 05:18:00

Argh, bloody phone.

One person I spoke too was having continual thrush. She cut out yeast, sugar and carbs and it cleared up.

Fx you get it sorted OP. Have you seen any bf support groups in your area? It might be worth seeing if you can get some more advice

DancingtheTittyTango Tue 15-Apr-14 05:27:49

Thanks for the reply. She was lip and tongue tied but had both divided 4 weeks ago. I thought the same about her tongue tie so had it checked but was reassured it hadn't reattached. I'm going to see a lactation consultant tomorrow. I've got a 7 day course of Fluclozanole to start tomorrow but I think it's just the low dose. Do I need a higher dose to start with?

ForTheLoveOfSocks Tue 15-Apr-14 08:29:32

I'm not sure, but I was given a ten day course.

I was also t

ForTheLoveOfSocks Tue 15-Apr-14 08:31:48

Told last week her tongue tie had not re attached.

Try the breastfeeding network's website, they have some really good advice on medications etc. I would link but I'm on my phone.

Hopefully the lactation consultant will be able to help.

How are you this morning?

Chocolateteabag Tue 15-Apr-14 08:41:20

Hi, definitely go for an all out attack - you sound to be doing most of them -
Treat your nipples / baby's mouth
Iron bra and change pads often
Probiotic tablets (Holland and Barrett sell them) - don't bother with the drinks though
Reduce/cut out sugar - bread, refined carbs such as most cereals etc
Natural yoghurt (eat and apply)
Use nipple shields if they help
Consider expressing a few feeds if this will help you get more "healed"

Thrush sucks!

NomDeClavier Tue 15-Apr-14 08:45:18

If you express then be very careful to fully sterilize all bits of your pump and bottles before and after, and avoid open system pumps like the Medela swing. Thrush can get into the motor and continually reinfect you when you express.

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