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ds roaring at boob after a minute gulping - v. upsetting

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pesme Thu 18-Mar-04 19:43:17


Ds (8 weeks) has been a great feeder since birth but has always had her roaring at the boob moments. Problem is this is becoming more frequent. She latches on quite happily and sucks for a few minutes then comes off in disgust and roars at the boob and sucks her hands. There is plenty of milk as she normally gets a good squirt in the face each time she comes off (which I try to squirt into her roaring mouth in a desparate attempt to feed her!). Does anyone else have this problem?

emkana Thu 18-Mar-04 19:49:48

does he have a dummy or drink from a bottle at all? Have no personal experience of this, but it sounds a bit like nipple confusion, from what I've heard/read.

motherinferior Thu 18-Mar-04 19:52:23

Sounds like an over-enthusiastic let-down - milk jetting down the back of her throat. Both of mine did this - it does get better as they get bigger!

pesme Thu 18-Mar-04 20:12:59


sorry she is a dd not a ds. and no dummies and only a bottle of water once weeks ago when she was very sick. the let down thing sounds more likely as i could probably use mine for crowd control they are getting so full! would expressing before hand help?

emkana Thu 18-Mar-04 20:17:43

No nipple confusion then! In that case you could try letting her suck for a bit until let-down, then taking her off and letting it go into a towel or something, until it's calmed down, and then she can carry on drinking.

thirtysomething Thu 18-Mar-04 20:52:53

my dd once did this when he had some sort of fungal infection inside his mouth so obviously it hurt to suck - it it continues maybe it's worth going to the doc's? Then again both my babies did this for other reasons two - often as others have suggested because there's too much milk and they can't latch on - sounds gross but I squeezed a bit out before putting them on to the breast if I felt particularly full and this usually did the trick.

Clayhead Thu 18-Mar-04 21:07:13

I had this type of problem with dd and ds but it wasn't until I posted here when ds was a newborn that I realised that it was my letdown (bit of a power shower effect). I took someone's (maybe emkana's?)advice to let ds latch on, pull him off when the letdown started and let the more ferocious flow into a towel/cloth and then put him back on. It really wored for me and solved his colic too (I think he was gulping in loads of air. Just feel really stupid that I didn't realise this before or with dd! Hope this works for you too.

Millie1 Thu 18-Mar-04 21:07:20

DS does this too - think it's over-active letdown and it is very upsetting & frustrating! Sometimes if I'm particularly full, I'll express a bit off, either with the pump or by hand and that seems to help. Also, try feeding lying down as it allows the milk to pool in her cheek and slows whole process down a bit. Or, with baby sitting up facing you. It should improve soon.

pesme Thu 18-Mar-04 21:49:21

Thanks everyone. This is my first time posting on mumsnet and its very comforting! Will let you know how I get on with the 'power shower'.

bloss Fri 19-Mar-04 09:54:42

Message withdrawn

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