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Time to stop breast feeding. Anyone just stopped without cutting down?

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bonbonpixie Sat 05-Apr-14 14:31:02

Hi Ladies, could really use some advice here.
Currently pregnant with DC2 and DD is 23 months old. I really want to stop but I'm not sure what method would be least traumatic.
Problem is DD is still a complete milk monster, has maybe three feeds during the day -but asks for lots and lots more -and a couple during the night. She has never slept through, which is hard. I'm pretty sure that she won't self wean. Also when I try to cut down she just doesn't seem to accept that there are restrictions on feeding without having a meltdown. She has quite a lot of words now and if I try to postpone her by saying 'later' she will now calmly point out that she doesn't want it later she wants it now. I think it is confusing her that she can have it sometimes and not other times IYKWIM. Have tried feeding her in the same spot always but it doesn't work with her. So my question is it cruel to just stop . Give her lots of warnings, tell her it is going to stop and then just stop. Maybe stop night feeds and then a few days later stop altogether? Physically I just feel I've had enough. I'm so exhausted and spending a lot of time with this pregnancy being sick and generally feeling very unwell. DH has a very demanding job and is quite often out of the country for weeks at a time so I really feel that need to take the opportunity to stop when he is home for support. DD doesn't accept any other milks or dairy products so will probably have to get a calcium supplement but will this method upset her too much? Just don't know what to do for the best! Hopefully someone has some experience here!! Thank you.

leedy Sat 05-Apr-14 16:45:47

Totally feel your pain, feeding in pregnancy can be exhausting, not to mention sore. How many weeks pregnant are you? My supply absolutely tanked in the second trimester and DS1 (who admittedly was down to only one or two feeds a day) pretty much stopped of his own accord when I was about five months gone because there wasn't much milk there any more - his bedtime feed got shorter and shorter until it was just a sort of cursory suck and was perfectly happy when I told him he was "a big boy now and had drunk all the milk". So you may find nature will give you a helping hand...

TheCountessOlenska Sat 05-Apr-14 16:53:40

Yes I just stopped when my milk monster DD was 2.3 months. I was pregnant and had had enough - I was dreading it as she was still co-sleeping and feeding on and off all night, and before naptimes and anytime she fancied. Anyway, it was surprisingly fine - I just told her that boobies had stopped now, and put plasters on my nipples blush blush The first few nights were a bit restless but she never asked ever, just took my word for it. I was shock tbh!!

bonbonpixie Sat 05-Apr-14 21:36:03

Only 8 weeks or so. But thought it best to stop now or in the next couple of weeks. It is absolutely different feeding during pregnancy, very uncomfortable, not sore exactly. I think to be honest that is a huge part of the reason I want to stop. I'm starting to resent the hours (maybe) sitting feeling uncomfortable with DD trying to get more milk out of me.
What a great idea plasters are... Will try that one in the next couple of days I think!

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