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suspected oral thrush 8 week old what can I do ?

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route666 Sat 05-Apr-14 13:57:05

I am pretty sure dd 8 weeks has oral thrush she is very fussy , fussying alot when feeding and has white patches on her lip and tiny bit inside cheeks .
I remember using daktaren when dd1 was a baby but its from 4 months , is there anything i can buy over the counter today to help her ?

TheScience Sat 05-Apr-14 14:10:04

You can buy daktarin over the counter. I was prescribed it for DC1 as a newborn - the GP explained that the 4 month warning is because someone squeezed a blob into their baby's mouth and as it is sticky it choked them. His advice was "don't squeeze a blob of anything into your baby's mouth"!

You just have to be sensible and put a smear on your finger and rub it on the inside of the cheeks/lips/tongue etc. I found with both my DC it improved within hours and was gone within days.

If you are breastfeeding get some canestan/clotrimazole cream for your nipples too even if you have no symptoms and be extra vigilant about handwashing, sterilising bottles and dummies, hot washing bras and muslins etc.

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