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Anyone successfully be 2 babies but struggled with third?

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SicknSpan Sat 05-Apr-14 08:03:06

Dc3 is due at the end of May. Happily, both of my previous children have breast fed fine without any real incident, so I am expecting to bf this one too. Has anyone had difficulty with bf a subsequent baby when previously there were no problems? Just wondering whether I'd been a bit naive by assuming that id be lucky enough for all to go well again.

CountessOfRule Sat 05-Apr-14 11:42:33

Mine got progressively easier.

I think you are likely to be physiologically and mentally better prepared each time. So that's a good start. And you've already proved you've got enough lactiferous tissue, etc.

But any baby can have tongue tie or a little mouth or poor muscle tone or other issues that can get in the way of breastfeeding. So nothing is a given.

But crucially, you now know what it is like when it works, and where to go for help if it isn't working like that.

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