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Infatrini - how many mls

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Dildals Fri 04-Apr-14 08:26:27

My baby is 8m now, 5+m corrected. I am using Infatrini for weaning but want to give her a bottle a day as well. She is currently exclusively breastfed. I am trying to get her on to the bottle but I have no idea what a normal portion of Infatrini would be for a 5kg baby. I can't go by her normal cues because she's holding out for the boob when I give her a bottle (naturally, boobs are rather fabulous aren't they :-) )

How many mls did your babies take at 5kgs of weight?

tiktok Fri 04-Apr-14 08:59:01

Dildals, usually, Infatrini is prescribed by an HCP....give them a call and ask them what would be the correct amount for your baby. It may differ from 'standard' because you are breastfeeding, or it may be more than 'standard' for your own baby's individual needs - best to ask someone who knows about your 'case' smile

MissRatty Mon 07-Apr-14 11:14:34

I was wondering the same...we've been on it for two weeks now and the GP and HV don't know! They just said to replace his formula feeds with the infatrini, as we're mix fed...but this wouldn't apply to you. Try ringing your GP?

MissRatty Mon 07-Apr-14 11:23:36

I stole this from the Infatrini website...suggests the higher protein content is for catch up growth, so worth checking with your HCP as it may be based on how much your LO is taking at the moment etc. We're awaiting a paed referral so hopefully they can advise us!

Why is the protein content of Infatrini set at 2.6g/100ml?
Infatrini contains 2.6g/100ml protein (or 10.4 energy% of protein) to meet the higher protein requirements of infants with faltering growth and catch-up growth.[1] It is in line with the latest protein recommendations of FAO/WHO/UNU(6.9 up to 11.5 energy% of protein – associated with weight gain from 5g/kg/day up to 20g/kg/day – for children who require catch-up growth).[2]
Many of these infants can also struggle with the volume of feed to meet their needs, while Infatrini ensures these infants meet their protein, energy and micronutrient requirements in a smaller volume. Guidelines state that infants with high protein requirements may require up to 3-4.5g/kg/d, and this is more easily met with Infatrini than with fortified or concentrated formula.[3]

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