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breasfeeding but need advice on expressing

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walker123 Tue 01-Apr-14 23:13:00

My little girl is 19days old and has been exclusively breastfed. I want to start express

PeaceLillyDoge Wed 02-Apr-14 00:28:46

Just go for it! I've been expressing since day two as she wouldn't latch. Started feeding with a tea spoon, then a syringe, then bought some bottles and introduced bottle feeding expressed milk at day six. Worked brilliantly forus and add her latch has improved I've had to express less.

I've found an electric pump easier than a handheld bit that was mainly due to the volume I needed to express. I've used the medela swing which is amazing but expensive. At the start o borrowed an avent hand held pump from a friend and found that to be very good. Would have been happy to keep on using it if o was just doing one or two pumps per day.

What are you wanting to express for? Knowing this might make it easier for ppl to know how to respond to your question.

SpoonfulOfJam Thu 03-Apr-14 22:08:50

Do it. Waited till 6 weeks, wish I'd started a lot sooner. The first 6 weeks were by far the hardest, would have been such a help if my husband could do a feed and let me sleep longer than 2hrs. Electric Medela pump. (HV told me to express by hand, this delayed me. As if anyone has time to learn how to hand express when looking after a newborn)

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