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How much formula for a 2 week old?

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onceipopicantstop Mon 31-Mar-14 14:29:02

Hi ds is 17 days old. I've breastfed until now, but for health reasons I need to stop and switch to formula. We decided to start last night by giving him formula for his late feed around 11pm (in the hope he might sleep a bit longer!!). He took the bottle ok - used a slow flow teat, and took 150ml over an hour. But wouldn't settle after this. He was still wide awake and rooting. But wasn't sucking properly on the bottle, just licking and biting the teat. Normally after a breastfeed he would fall asleep. I had no idea how much to expect him to take, but actually wasn't expecting him to take that much anyway. He was a big baby - 4.4kg at birth.
I eventually gave him a breastfeed about 2 hours after starting his bottle feed and he fed for just a few minutes then fell asleep (so probably more of a comfort thing?) but then only slept for a couple of hours despite me thinking he'd had a good feed!
I'm just wondering what your babies of similar ages/weights are taking per feed?

mrswishywashy Mon 31-Mar-14 15:31:30

I've had babies take 150mls at two weeks for some feeds, not all though. Have you got a dummy to use as he could use that to soothe as well especially since he's been used to breastfeeding.

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