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cot nests?

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moonjumping Sun 30-Mar-14 22:24:16

Im expecting DC2 in July.. wd love some advice on cot nests. For DC1 (now 2.5) we had a cradle which lay right next to our bed and at the same height. So I could easily reach her for night feeds and there were just a few bars between us. But would prefer one of the attachments that acts as an extension to the double bed. I didn't know this existed at the time else I would have gone for it then.

Wd love some advice on what the options are and what has worked for you. Ive also posted in the sleep section.

Toadsrevisited Mon 31-Mar-14 07:56:02

I've got one of these and fixed it to the bed myself. Ignore all the crappy bedding and get a decent mattress for it.

It's much more reasonable than the Nct one!

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