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Reduced milk intake ff bottle problems

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Doodle1983 Sat 29-Mar-14 08:40:53

I'm at my wits end.. DS is 8 weeks (has it only been 8 weeks?!)

Long post but background needed I think...

He's struggled from day 1 with feeding (formula fed) was told he had tongue tie and was LBW and too tired to try and BF, so had formula. (me and DH were happy with this) anyhoo...
on arriving home from hospital he struggled with the silicone teats on a tommee tippee bottle so we bought super soft cheapo ones from Tesco which he took with ease.

After giving him couple of weeks (In my mind to gain strength) we got him on the tommee tippee bottles with a faster flow number 2 teat.
Then because of sickness we were told to give him the comfort milk which was thicker and was using a thicker teat for this.

A bout of non stop crying for hours and not feeding for several hours ended us in hospital for observation where by chance we had tongue tie divided. I thought things would improve.

It has started to get very difficult to feed him. When he cries for his milk he then gets worked up and won't take it. It's a battle to calm him down. Then try him with his milk again.

Took him to the dr who said its wind and prescribed gaviscon. She said he may associate the bottle with pain and is refusing it. I think he cries and gives himself tummy ache then can't have the bottle.. ??
The sickness has improved however the combination of Gaviscon and milk is thinner than the comfort milk, so the teats we were using flows too fast.

Have switch to slower teats but he's struggling. Presumably because he's actually got to suck for once and the new addition of his tongue! Anyway as a result he's taking about 3oz milk at every feed (over about 20-30 mins) as apposed to 4.5oz previously (taking 10 mins).

My question is: do I give him a couple of days to get used to the new teats and try and get him to learn how to suck properly or do I give him the faster flow teat that pours milk into his mouth and his chin, neck and clothes.

I've calculated on his weight at 200ml per kilo that he's taking enough with the 3oz.. But is a reduction in milk intake something to worry about?

Not seeing HV until tues at weigh group so relying on mn advice until then!

tiktok Sat 29-Mar-14 13:49:39

Doodle, sorry you are having a struggle sad

I dont think a talkboard is gonna help you much here, sorry. It sounds like a very individual situation. I am not sure what the issue is. What would be wrong with just sticking with the teats you have changed to? If he is taking enough milk and it's actually getting into him, what's the problem?

Hope things get easier for you.

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