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Screaming at nipple.

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nolongerbumpieorlumpie Fri 28-Mar-14 19:41:03

Hi all, I need help. The last couple of days, my little 9week(tomorrow) baby had been fussing at most feeds. Usually at the beginning and before my let down he wiggles, screams, cries and goes red. He will latch on, feed for a minute or few but then unlatch and start again.

He has also been increasingly more pukey over the last week, we have been giving Dentinox Colic relief which works 7/10 times with helping wind and puking.

Tonight he has just screamed at my nipples(both sides) and not fed at all.

He also has a sore bum and been quite pooey but not diarrhoea.

What is going on? He doesn't have a fever, no signs of early teething, he is currently laying with dh staring at him with dummy in mouth, fighting the sand man.


CheckpointCharlie Sat 29-Mar-14 00:11:00

Not sure how to help but couldn't leave you unanswered! Could you ask your health visitor? I had trouble breast feeding and called a helpline and I was trying to force my baby's head onto my boob and she didn't like it!

They are really good.

Hope you get it sorted v soon.

Blondieminx Sat 29-Mar-14 00:30:11

Oh goodness it sounds like your little one probably has reflux.

Don't bother with the HV, see the GP. As it's Saturday tomorrow see the out of hours GP, State that baby did not feed all day yesterday, explain the nappy situation but most importantly, ask that the Doctor observes a feed. Don't be fobbed off, ask to be referred to paediatrics if the GP doesn't take you seriously.

Sounds like acid reflux, see if you can get infant gaviscon tomorrow as a starting point.

nolongerbumpieorlumpie Sat 29-Mar-14 07:05:15

Thanks guys.

I don't think its my bf as when latched and at almost every feed he latches fine.

I do however think it is reflux. He has fed every 2 hours without incident except me falling asleep on boob! over night and wasn't pukey but now awake he has fed well but is a bit pukey!! my ooh is 111 so will call in a bit as he is not distressed at the moment. Bit worried as all my friends who have called 111 for various issues including when her baby knocked herself out they have sent an ambulance. We are not in need of that!

Can reflux just happen during the day?

josephine1986 Sat 29-Mar-14 09:01:58

It seems unlikely given this is the first time you've seen the symptoms, but my dd was like this and she has a milk,egg and fish allergy. She would be hungry, excited to feed, then once she started begin screaming and refuse it. Turns out it was causing her tummy pain.
She also had reflux, v frequent mucousy poos, rashes, and colicky screaming episodes that were very upsetting. Symptoms would last 3-4 days after I'd eaten the offending food
Seems unlikely though given his age.

Blondieminx Sat 29-Mar-14 15:36:31

You said in your opening post that your baby had been more pukey over the last week... It sounds like (similar to my DD) the reflux has just started to look worse.

Let me guess - your baby falls asleep easiest resting on your shoulder, in a fairly upright position?

If baby didn't feed at all yesterday then you need to get seen today. Please ensure a feed is observed. Good luck.

Blondieminx Sat 29-Mar-14 15:38:45

Sorry meant to say "similar to my DD when she was around 8 weeks"

Try infant gaviscon first, then there are other drugs eg ranitidine and domperidone which can help. Most babies grow out of reflux at around 6-12 months.

nolongerbumpieorlumpie Sat 29-Mar-14 15:59:05

Thanks all. He usually falls asleep fine, even when put down awake unless he is over tired. He is less pukey today but screaming still. He has fed better but seems starving!! He did feed yesterday but was just difficult in the beginning. We have noticed he is chopping on our finger if we offer it when dh forgot the dummy too early for teething??

nolongerbumpieorlumpie Sat 29-Mar-14 15:59:49

Oh and we did have jabs on Wednesday but he was pukey before?!

BookTart Sat 29-Mar-14 16:07:10

I'm having exactly the same problem with 11 week old DD, and she has silent reflux (so no vomiting because she swallows it back down). Infant Gaviscon is a pain to administer as I am ebf and she won't take a bottle at all, but it does seem to calm her down a bit. I'm waiting for a paediatrician appointment at the moment, as I don't want her slow weight gain to get worse. The dribbling is also a reflux symptom. Is he blowing bubbles as well?

It is horrible, isn't it? They seem to be so hungry but in such awful discomfort sad I'd go for 111 in your situation, unless there's a walk in nearby.

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